Nursing Career Goals Essay Examples

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Updated: Aug 08, 2023
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Nursing is a recognized and holistic profession that draws inspiration from famous mentors such as Florence Nightingale and Virginia Henderson. Nurses are motivated by core values and beliefs that shape their desire to provide patients with compassionate care. This article delves into the reasons for selecting nursing as a vocation, the essence of nursing, beliefs, and values, and the future vision.

Holistic Nursing – Motivated to Care

Nursing is a diverse career requiring commitment and comprehension of its underlying beliefs. Prominent characters such as Florence Nightingale inspire nurses to deliver holistic care to patients.

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Personal values and beliefs significantly impact the nursing industry, ensuring that patients are empowered to live their best lives. Because machines cannot replace the nurturing nurses offer, compassion and dignity are the cornerstones of nursing care.

Nursing Program Selection

Growing up in Nigeria, the author witnessed nurses’ dedication to caring for others, which had a tremendous impression on him. These healthcare professionals’ commitment and compassion spurred my ambition to pursue a nursing career. Nursing is a rewarding job that also allows for a flexible work-life balance. The author aims to advance their nursing abilities, earn a bachelor’s degree, and eventually specialize as midwives. This expertise coincides with a long-term objective of returning to Nigeria to promote community maternal healthcare.

The Importance of Nursing

Nursing has been a vital profession focused on compassionate patient care for generations. Nursing practice has developed, and being current on current changes is critical for providing good care. The American Nurses Association is a system that empowers nurses to advance their nursing vocation and improve public healthcare. The patient’s family plays a vital role in their care, and holistic nursing also considers their needs.

Values and beliefs

Understanding the fragility of patients is critical to giving compassionate care. Patients’ trust and loyalty are increased when treated with dignity and compassion. The involvement of the patient’s family in the care process is critical for a holistic approach to patient well-being. Effective communication and collaboration with other healthcare practitioners are essential to nursing care.

Future Perspective

The author’s short-term ambitions include developing skills, earning a bachelor’s degree, and transitioning into intensive care. They hope to become midwives and care for pregnant ladies and babies in the next five years. Finally, the author’s ten-year plan includes returning to Nigeria to address the high maternal mortality rate and teach additional nurses.


A passion for compassionate care and a desire to make a positive difference in patients’ lives inspire the decision to pursue a nursing career. Nurses must preserve core principles and beliefs while delivering holistic care that covers their patients’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Nurses can attain their career goals and contribute to global healthcare improvement with dedication and ongoing learning. Despite the obstacles, a supportive network and tenacity will lead to a satisfying and rewarding nursing profession.

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