Negative Effects of Screen Time

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Negative Effects of Screen Time

This essay will explore the negative effects of excessive screen time on health and well-being. It will discuss the impact on physical health, such as eye strain and poor posture, and mental health, including the potential for addiction and decreased attention span. The piece will also consider the implications of screen time for children’s development and social interactions, as well as strategies for mitigating these negative effects. Additionally, PapersOwl presents more free essays samples linked to Stereotypes.

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Technology has been around since 1867 a very long time ago. There are many different types of technology like computers, phones, TVs, video games, etc. Technology has changed the way people act throughout the day. Technology can be thought of in both a negative and positive way. One negative use of technology is the time put into excessive screen time. Three effects of excessive screen time include the damaging of the brain, sleeping problems, and the damaging of the eyes. Excessive screen time has a huge impact on your brain.

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Screen time in general can severely damage your brain in a seriously negative way. Within the topic of the excessive screen, time addiction has to be the biggest issue.

When people repeatedly play or watch TV, they can easily get attached and be hooked on it for far more than the average time. Depending on the game or show people watch, it can trigger people’s brains into thinking a different way that could harm someone. Some people get so hooked on something, and eating the wrong foods can cause weight problems. Kids average five to six hours a day either looking at their phone, playing video games, or watching TV. This is becoming a serious issue because so many kids are wanting to be on the screen. If no one puts a time limit for these kids on their devices they aren’t going to stop. Modified screen time is fine but too much of it hurts people. Less and fewer people are going to want to work because not all jobs need to use screens. If these jobs are not being done there is going to be a massive decrease in the economy. Another effect of excessive screen time is the loss of people’s memory.

Too much of the screen will affect the memory in the long run. Science shows people do lose brain cells and people’s brains do and will shrink. It is better for people just to stay outside and enjoy the weather than be inside and get off task on whatever people do. To stay healthy people need to reduce screen time. Playing video games or staying up late to watch TV ruins people’s sleep. People should get at least 8 hours of sleep a day or it is not considered a good night of sleep. Playing these games or staying up late can cause people to get caught onto that game, and can cause people to stay up longer. Parents are on the screens at night and throughout the day just as much as their kids are if not more. Staying up late and watching TV straight before is terrible for people’s minds and their eyes. Too much screen at night can affect melatonin production and fool the brain into thinking the body is not ready for sleep. Insomnia and sleep deprivation are the two main effects of screen time before bed. There should be an hour time slot from when people are done with screen time to when you go to sleep. Turning down the brightness on the device should help calm the eyes and brain down at night to fall asleep.

When people get their sleep schedule of time it is hard to catch back up, and that is how people get grumpy and mad. The third problem with excessive screen time is the damaging of people’s eyes. This is probably one of the biggest problems with the screen. Most people, as they get older get worse eyes. This is because of the screen time. People spend too much time on the screen and it causes bad eyes. People squint at their devices and that causes people to get glasses. The main problem is the blue light from the devices that cause damage to the eye. This blue light puts a major strain on the eye which is terrible for anyone. Screen Syndrome is starting to become more and more popular because of this new generation. The kids start too early on their devices and get addicted. It is going to cost them in the future. When people’s eyes feel sore or tired in the morning that is because they find out they have spent too much time in front of a screen. Other effects from this blue light are headaches and dizziness. Fifty percent of teens admit that they feel addicted to their mobile device, and twenty-seven percent of their parents admit they can not put down their smartphone either. Blue light has a wavelength of 380 nm to 500 nm, which means it is one of the shortest, highest-energy wavelengths that humans can feel. These waves penetrate deep into the eyes and create a glaring effect, which results in irritation and strain.

People need to reduce the time they spend on the phone so they can save their eyes for the future because it will help them in the long run. Technology has been around for a long time and will do nothing but improve. Technology in the future is going to take over everything. It is going to reduce the number of work people will have to do. People need to reduce the amount of screen time to save their lives. People should want to live good, healthy lives, so they can live longer. The amount of screen time people produce these days need to be reduced no matter what so the economy can still grow.     

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