My Story of a Diverse Student Life

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Coming from a small city in a country located in the Middle East, becoming an independent and self-reliant woman was an ideal image for me throughout my childhood and adolescences. Although pursuing a high education as always was encouraged by my parents and family, it was not always an easy choice due to socioeconomic insufficiency. Pursuing a brighter future did not come without hard work and determination which lead me to obtain an undergraduate and a post-graduate degree. I had an opportunity during my education in my home country to mentor and tutor unprivileged undergraduate and deliver my knowledge and experience to younger peers.

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Starting in an MSc program in the US has also opened a horizon toward sharing and transferring my knowledge to students from underrepresented backgrounds and help them to succeed.

Serving as the vice president of Iranian Student Organization at the University of South Carolina has helped me to promote diversity and create an inclusive culture within the campus. Organization and coordination of Iranian/Persian event and celebration of Iranian New Year named “Nowruz” with non-Iranians communities have assisted me and my community to foster diversity in the campus of the University of South Carolina. Along with my leadership in Iranian Student Organization, being an active member of Graduate Association for Brain Awareness at USC (GABA) have improved my ability to present and communicate with wide range of audience in student clubs and organizations. We had the opportunity to present the significance and importance of Neuroscience to high school children from a different age, ethnicity and socioeconomic level. This experience has brought me more empathy and awareness on how to communicate with people that are not from my technical community.

One of my main accomplishment in promoting diversity stems from my role as teaching assistant and mentor at the University of South Carolina. From 2015 to 2017 I help in teaching more than 300 students to help them move towards their dreams of a successful carrier, as much as I can. This experience allowed me to develop and improve my skill in delivering neuroscience knowledge to the student with a different background, particularly, traditionally underrepresented group. Coming from a similar background, I was always passionate to challenge myself more to learn new ways to convey the knowledge and insight to disadvantaged and international students who are facing socioeconomic challenges. I am very confident that my research, mentorship, and teaching experience has prepared me fully to work together with a diverse group at the University of California, Davis.

Giving students my complete attention and supporting them to achieve their dreams and have their own voice as well as providing them with different resource and material required for growth is my main motivation and goal working at UC Davis and starting a carrier as a Junior Specialists. I am very much prepared to collaborate with other employees in this field and contribute to the inclusive environment to encourage and promote diversity.

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