My Experience Gave me an Idea of how Important Community Service is

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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As an only child born to immigrant parents, the importance of hard work and family was ingrained into my mind at an early age. My parents emigrated from a war-torn country, seeking better opportunities, and it required every ounce of their effort to get to where they are now. Although my parents spoke English, they consistently worked painstaking hours to provide financial support for me. The drive and perseverance displayed by my parents compel me to be the best I can be, regardless of the circumstances.

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From the onset of my education in kindergarten, my parents encouraged me to view education as a privilege. This perspective helped me treat my education seriously, committing every effort to succeed in school, manage a part-time job, and meet goals, such as becoming an officer of LMC’s Key Club, simultaneously. The deeper I involved myself with the club, the more I developed leadership skills and an understanding of my role as a contributing member of society. In this role, I recognized the need for ongoing self-improvement and incorporated this drive for excellence into every facet of my life, always striving for the extra mile. My club involvement opened my eyes to the importance of community service and compassion, experiences that working at a food bank and tutoring at a local daycare space further enriched.

Apart from my intrinsic values, I am passionate about the field of computer science. Ever since middle school, my curiosity has driven me to understand the intricacies of the internet and the mechanisms by which computers collaborate on a macro scale. My interest in computer science empowered me to explore and express myself through something I am passionate about. From learning Python coding to creating a web scraper, this path has broadened my perspective to recognize various opportunities and approaches within the tech industry.

Attending college is a necessary investment, which I find challenging to balance alongside work commitments. Establishing the right equilibrium required extensive planning and sacrifice, but in the end, I succeeded. I decided to attend community college and took a part-time job as a rancher to contribute to my tuition fees and promote my independence. I did not want to burden my parents with the cost, and any additional help from this scholarship would go towards my tuition.

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