My Educational Autobiography: Journey of Resilience and Transformation

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Updated: Aug 21, 2023
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When I was growing up, I always dreamed of becoming a Professional Model. I would have to say it started around the age of 5. My parents have told me the variety of stories pertaining myself and modeling. My mom told me how I would always play dress up the mirror with her wigs and heels. Funny how she mentioned that I had the ability to walk very good in her heels. I don’t quite remember much about my introduction into the modeling industry.

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My parents were able to locate a small modeling agency in a nearby location of our hometown. I did not have any fancy clothing nor did I have the opportunity to have my pictures taken professionally. My parents sent my photos to the modeling agencies, we waited to receive a response. My parents were contacted to schedule an interview with the modeling agency, and a modeling contract was then conducted. I believe that my modeling career lasted about a short time of 3 years. Due to both of my parents working full time and not having many reliable family members to take me to my sessions. I had to postpone the one thing that seemingly had my attention at that given moment.


Childhood Dreams and the Modeling Industry

Entering into my teenage years, I had begun to stray away from modeling. I would occasionally watch the television series hosted by Tyra Banks, Americans Next Top Model. The feeling of wanting to become a Professional Model wasn’t there anymore. It really hit me one day watching the television show, any final thoughts of pursing a modeling career was most definitely clouded. I believe that due to myself starting out at such a young age, I never really focused on the fact of college. It never came to my attention that the models never mentioned on the television show that they previously attended college to get to the point where they were at. It has always been a “dinner conversation” in my household that attending college after high school was a must. I remember expressing to my parents that I was no longer interested in becoming a Professional Model due to college not being a step taken to get to that point. I know that it may have sounded crazy at the moment, but I truly believed that to be successful in life you would have to attend college first to become knowledgeable.

Finding Passion in Law and Advocacy

At this moment of my life, experiences has changed my perspective and I have become passionate about becoming a Defense Attorney. I would have to thank almost every television show involving an attorney; such as Law and Order: SVU and my all-time favorite, Judge Mathis. I am now attending Loris High School located in Loris SC. I have maintained an average of A’s and B’s my first two years of high school, with a GPA of a 3.2. I have the opportunity to attend my high school for the first half of the day, and attend the Academy for Technology and Academics the remaining of that day. The purpose of attending the academy school was to major in Pre-Law. A requirement of attending the school is that complete my internship in the field of my major. I chose my internship at the Solicitors Office located in Conway SC. During my internship, I had the pleasure of shadowing a Defense Attorney. I would attend court cases, file cases in chronological order, and prepare Excel sheets pertaining to the case files.

Navigating Family Challenges and Achieving Academic Excellence

Leading up to my senior year of high school, my family had been torn apart for quite some time now. It was never noticeable in my home to my younger siblings, due to my family acting as if nothing had changed, although I knew otherwise. My parents had a conversation with me expressing their feelings for myself and my siblings, they explained how they did not want me or the others to blame themselves for the decisions that they have come to terms with. My parents decided to split and go their separate ways, and my mom had begun to understand that she had to play both roles as the parent in the household. Being that I was the oldest child amongst my three other siblings; I tried my hardest to help my mother adjust to our new life. I did everything I could to not show my younger siblings the resentment that I had towards our father. Around the same time of the split between my two parents; I had to prepare myself for college as well. I knew that I could not let the dysfunctional circumstances of my family hinder me from achieving an important goal in life.
Graduation is a weeks away and I have finalized the college of my choice, Claflin University. I remember coming home from school one day and informing my mom on an absurd comment made by the school’s guidance counselor. I went to the counselor for assistance when sending off the documentation. I went to her before sending off my SAT and ACT scores, and to my surprise the results of asking for help deteriorated immediately. The counselor stated that I should have initially sent everything needed at one time. She stated that she had to help other students apply for college as well. I then informed her that it was not apparent that she did not want to help. She continued to go on and to my surprise she stated “Audriana I do not know why you are pushing for all of this like any of it will matter”. I was shocked, she then proceeded “you know that Mother and Father of yours didn’t graduate high school so what makes you think you’ll do any better?” I went home prayed and left it in God’s hands. I made sure Claflin received my scores, I also visited the counselor’s office that day to simply say thank you.

Undergrad came easy for me, I usually tried to schedule my classes at least two hours apart. It was no secret that I was the only individual in my immediate family to attend college. I had made the decision to finish school, so I would not become another statistic. I also wanted to prove to myself and anyone that have ever doubted me that I was more than capable. My last year of undergrad I became pregnant. I know that I had become the talk of town for most people back in my hometown. I know that it was expected for me to give up and not finish school. I know that my parents may have thought that they’ve made a mistake along the way with me. I wanted to show everyone that I was capable of more, and I did just that. I graduated from Claflin in 2015, two weeks afterwards I gave birth to my pride and joy. One month after giving birth to my child, my child’s father proposed. One year and a half later I married the love of my life.

Pursuing Higher Education and a Future in Law

Approximately three years has passed and I’ve made the decision to pursue my Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling at SC State University. The support system has narrowed down overtime to my husband, daughter, and a handful of in laws. Over the years I have come to terms that certain situations will reveal real and fake love. Referring back to the old saying, “a baby won’t slow me down”. I’ am a firm believer of this saying, I did not let the negative comments get in my path of what was more important in life. I have remained focused because I have a daughter to provide for and I want to be able to pave the way for her.


I still believe that one day I will become a great Defense Attorney. Perhaps the thought of attending Law School will scare me. As of now I will continue to focus on pursing my Masters, and hopefully have the opportunity to counsel in a private practice setting. God’s will I will be a SC State graduate in the next couple of months. The consistency, dedication, and hard work will all pay off in the end. I cannot wait for the moment that I will walk across the stage to receive my second degree.


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