My Case of Diabetes

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Hi, my name is Vi. I am studying in EF Academy. Vietnam is my beautiful country. In focusing, I chose to do topic about type 2 diabetes because diabetes is a common disease in Vietnam. Almost my family members are gotten this type of diabetes. Moreover, I have learn about the stem cell which is related to this topic. As a result, I think it can help me to have more knowledge about this topic and do it easier.

For decade, diabetes researchers have found out the way to replace the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas that are damaged by a patient’s own immune system.

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After year by year, diabete causes and kills more people than cancer and HIV/AIDS. The year nearby, the rate of people got this disease is clearly go up and over 60% of patients do not know that they got this disease.

Diabetes is a disease that people has higher or lower sugar than usual in their blood.This excess glucose is responsible for most of the complications of diabetes, which include blindness,  heart disease,stroke,  neuropathy,kidney failure, and amputations. There are 2 types of diabetes:

Type 1 is called an insulin-dependent diabetes. Type 1 diabetes( T1D) is an autoimmune disorder. T1D seems to have a genetic component and can be diagnosed early in life but also in adulthood. Its causes are not fully known, and there is currently no way to treat it . People with T1D are dependent on injected or pumped insulin to survive.

Type 2 is usually happens in adult and it is also called noninsulin-dependent diabetes. Type 2 diabetes(T2D) develops when the pancreas stops producing enough insulin or when the body becomes resistant to insulin. It is a very common because T2D accounted for 90-95% of all diabetes causes.Exactly, For now, researcher did not find out why this happens , although genetics and environmental factors -such as excess weight and inactivity- seem to be contributing factors. Nowadays, there is a cure for T2D but patients have to drink it everyday.

But this written will only focus on T2D. In the real life, diabetes is usually associated with overweight, it also is hard to food choice when it is not adjusted and you get no physical or mental activity. while it is right that too much fat body and being sedentary does increase the likelihood of developing type 2, even people who are keep in good a shape can also lead to this type of diabetes. Although dietary management is crucial for individuals with diabetes, the studies on diet quality among them are scarce.

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