My Career Goals are Simple

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Updated: Dec 29, 2022
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The world is filled with many types of trained individuals that assist in keeping our wellbeing status. Register nurses are one of these essential trained individuals that deal with the sick and help to keep up with everyone’s wellbeing around the community. In this career, it requires patience, a whole lot of it, and determination to be successful on the job. In this essay, I will describe and explain what a registered nurse does, the education requirements and certification, employment, and the professional activities that are required.

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Nurses are trained to be nice, caring, loving people that will try everything they can to help you get a better understanding of your symptoms. They help explain to their patient their illness or disease symptoms so they understand how to manage their treatment. Nurses are very patience people and they listen full to their patient to ensure they understand what the patient’s problems or concerns are so they can help assist them better. Registered nurses are usually used everywhere because they are trained in many different type of scenarios and are nearby when physicians cannot assist you right away. Registered nurses, regardless of their specialty or work setting, help to monitor all aspects of patient care. This includes, diet and physical activities, plus providing advice and emotional support to their patients as well as their family members. You can find registered nurses in about any medical field but the most common places to find them are: family practices, adult practices, women’s health, pediatrics, acute care, and chronic care. While register nurses work under stress everyday to deal with life condition such as: strokes, accidents, and even heart attacks. In any case they additionally deal with patients in critical condition, plus they must be able to recognize a life-threatening problem quickly and assist a patient with care.

Register nurses are licensed by the state in which they practice in, once they complete the required education and training qualifications. There are three educational platforms for becoming a registered nurse. The first one is an associate degree (ADN) in nursing, which you complete two years of college, the second is a bachelor’s degree (BSN) in science, which is a four year degree, and last is the master degree (MSN) in science, which is 2 years additional education to the bachelor’s degree. However,Most individuals go into school wanting to be a nurse but once they start the program they realize that it is a very hard and stressful career to study for, however, once you get into the field of work comes other stressors. Nurses deal with a lot of impatient individuals that don’t want to be there or they don’t like requesting for help. If a nurse can get past those negative aspect then they would fine. Nurses can welcome the good that comes with the job by helping others and listening to a patient who has no one to take care of them.

Nursing has change sufficiently since the 19th century when Florence Nightingale first influenced this career. She started out by taking care of injury soldiers and other civilians to see if she could extend their life. She dedicated her life to help make improves to the field of nursing. Her main ambition was to spread this field throughout the different countries and to help maintain the population. In today society, she is recognized for all her work and accomplishments in this field. Nursing industry has change quickly over the last 20 years. In the past, most of the patients heath records were keep as a paper chart and not every doctor or health care professional had access to them. However, over the years technology has advanced and is now what doctor use in order for them and others to accesses the records online. They can now communicate with each other through email or in the patients chart so that the patient receives the best possible care. Not only is technology better for communication but also it helps keep track of the patient’s medication, by who order it and when it is given. It makes reading the medication script easier because not all doctor have great handwriting.

While taking care of people can harden a nurse’s emotion, they also have to put on a brave face so they can help their patients. Nurses should have outstanding sympathy and empathy to help them remain a great nurse. When you think of a nurse you don’t think of one person but a group of individuals working together to help their patient. With this in mind my career goals are simple, to help take care of the individual and their families, while trying to make their situation better. By doing that it helps me feel better knowing that I am helping someone that really needs it. As the oldest in my family and being the mom of two boys, I like taking care of people. It helps me feel fulfilled at the end of the day. Being a nurse in this stage in my life will impact my life a lot. I will be changing from a stay at home mom to a working mother for at least three days a week, but I believe my kids are ready for me to go to work. With becoming a nurse it really would not mess with my financial aspects too much but rather increase it. The down side to this job is the stress that comes with helping people better their lives and the possibility of working night shift at a hospital. I would not mind it too much, however, my husband is in the Coast Guard and his schedule changes quickly. If my husband happened to get deployed, I would have to find some where for the kids to go on the night that I worked. We got lucky to be station by family so they could help me out on the nights I would work.

Registered nurses are educated individuals that are here to help assist patients or their caretakers in taking care of their selves or family members correctly. They go through extend schooling and educated training to make sure they can help, care, and even explain illness and disease to that individual so they can understand it. By researching this field, it really hasn’t altered my mind at all. I have thought about this field of work for they last eight years and talked to other nurses to get a better understanding of what is expected. I’m entering this career for the money but for the reward for helping others. Nursing is not for everyone, however, I feel it is my calling because I enjoy taking care of people and getting that fulfillment at the end of the day.

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