My Attitude to World War

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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For me, learning about World War is one of the reasons why I took this class. I love how the history of our world and how America came about because of this war. I also love how America was first hesitant on joining the war, and then how they basically became a powerhouse, and showed what they could do to other countries if the messed with them. I also love the new weapons that came about during this war, and a lot of these weapons that they used back then, we are still using today but, just upgrading on them.

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Just learning about World War I again, just brought me back to my history classes in middle school, with one of my favorite teachers forever, and it just brought happy memories for me.A lot of people believe that there were many different causes to the start of this war, but the main reason why WWI started was because of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria on June 28, 1914, when his driver took a wrong turn, and someone from the Serbian terrorist group called the Black Hand shot the Archduke and his wife.

The man that shot them was a man from the Bosnian revolutionary named Gavrilo Princip.That was just one of the biggest causes to WWI, however, there were many others to the cause as well. Even before WWI even started, there was a number of defence alliances that existed between many of the major countries in Europe. What the meaning for this was that lets say that one of the countries wanted to declare war on the other country, than the other countries would have to have to enter that war as well, just because that was in the treaty that they all agreed on. Britain, France, Ireland and Russia were part of the alliance called the Triple Entente, but Germany was aligned itself with Austria-Hungary, and those were called the Central Powers.

So when the Archduke was assassinated it set a chain reaction of many events that resulted and became to be World War I. After the assassination, Austria-Hungary as we would’ve guessed would be very furious and wanted to go to war Serbia. During that time Austria-Hungary sent out demands that were harsh that the Serbian government must follow, so then during this Germany went on the side of Austria-Hungary, however, the Russians went to the side of Serbia. During this time Europe was close to going to war. So during the year of 1914, on August 4th, the troops from Germany went on to march into France, during this trip to France the road or route they took let them through Belgium. This was a problem because Britain agreed to maintain its neutrality of Belgium, but right after that they went on to declare war on Germany. During the Battle of Mons that took place in Belgium, that is where Britain and the German armies fought, and this was the first battle that took place in WWI, and was one of many, between the two countries on the Western Front.

Many people were curious like myself as to why World War I lasted so long. The Central Powers and the Allied forces both wanted and believed that the war would be over by Christmas of that year, but then four years later there was bloodshed and suffering on the home fronts.One of the reasons and probably the most important reasons that it lasted for such a long time was definitely the failure of the Schlieffen Plan. So the Schlieffen pan was the battle plan that Alfred Von Schlieffen suggested that Germany could win a war between them and France while they would fend off Russia. The plan did not work out was because the plan was to avoid fighting on two fronts from the North that would be in Paris, but then the defeated the French, and then the moved onto the eastern front to face the Russian troops who did not plan to mobilize to help their ally that was in need. So if Germany did carry out the Schlieffen Plan and were to defeat the French, the war most likely would have been done in a few weeks.

The reason why many historians believed this was because the German troops at the time were known as the best army, because of how much stronger, how much they were technologically advanced.The war turned into a trench warfare that was in the Western Front, which was a big factor of WWI and was many reasons why the war lasted so long. When the Germans were defeated at Marne, the went on to retreat to rive and began to dig up trenches. So then both sides went onto the outflank the opposition so they could cut their enemies off that were behind them, and this tactic was called the “Race to the sea.” But neither of the forces were able to be successful and because of this result this tactic was pretty much one of the reasons that it took long was because of the trenches.Now the answer the question on how did this war change the war, and the way we use warfare now. You can honestly even say that it changed when the U.S. joined the war, but during that time. In World War I this was the first war that the airplane was used, and the airplanes were used to scout the enemy troops, but, by the end of this war they used them to drop bombs, on many cities and troops. They were also used to shoot down the other planes that were going up against them, and they used machine guns to shoot. Another big thing that was established during the great way was the revolution of tanks.

The main purpose of the tanks was the cross, “The No Man’s Land,” that were between all the trenches during the war. The first tank that was ever in the war, was very hard to steer and unreliable, but then near the end of the war they were very effective. Next was the trench warfare as I said earlier in my paper this was one of the reasons why the war became long for the way it was, neither of the sides were able to gain control of the ground because of so many soldiers being killed in action, and the soldiers being cautious to their activity of fighting. Another change was the naval warfare, and this became a huge deal in the war because a lot of countries didn’t have a great naval warfare, and one of the known battles during this war was the Battle of Jutland, and they were also to be blockades for foods and supplies for the countries that they were supposed to go too.This was changed so many aspects of warfare that we use now.

Also I truly believe that if this war didn’t happen, then we as a country could be totally different, and who knows, we could be a totally different country than from what we are right now. So by learning from the past, we are able to be who we are, and to me that is what is important, and as long as we understand that we can not do things that could possibly offend other countries, and by knowing this we have a don’t a great job with this, and I am very happy that we learned about WWI, and how it shaped the world today.

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