Multiple Points of View Paper

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Multiple Points of View Paper

Such an essay would present a topic from various perspectives, emphasizing the complexity and multifaceted nature of many issues. By analyzing the same issue from different angles—be it cultural, historical, personal, or logical—it encourages critical thinking and a comprehensive understanding of the subject. At PapersOwl, you’ll also come across free essay samples that pertain to Novel topic.

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Anna Fitzgerald had a sister, Kate who besides having leukemia needed a kidney transplant. Anna is supposed to donate one of her kidneys to her sick sister, but apparently, she is already tired of donating organs to her. Anna did not just donate toys to her sister she also had on many instances donated blood and plasma to her in the past. Notably, Anna had been born out of a genetic engineering process which was purposely facilitated by her parents so that she could be donating organs to her sick sister Kate (Picoult 23).

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However, Anna was not comfortable with that arrangement, and she wanted to have a choice on what happens to her body. The idea of being forced to donate organ was disturbing and stressful.

Anna out of her dissatisfaction with the situation that she is going through hires a law attorney Campbell Anna uses Alexander to file a lawsuit against her parents for medical emancipation. The lawsuit does not go well as her two parents Sarah and Brian are served with court papers while in hospital beside their sick daughter. Sara thinks that Anna had no authority to engage them in a lawsuit while Brian agrees that she has the right to choose what happens to her body. An elderly woman Julia Romano is appointed to become Annas guardian who would help her decide what she wanted to do with her body and her life in general (Picoult 56). Anna goes back and forth about making the decision to give her sister the kidney or keeping it and letting her die. Eventually, the court grants Anna medical emancipation. At the same time, it occurs that Kate was not comfortable with depending on Anna for organs and she wanted to die as she could not live long with her medical condition anyway. Notably, it becomes clear that the idea of the lawsuit originated from her as she wanted to protect Anna and allow her to have a right to make decisions concerning her body. This paper presents a multiple perspective analysis of the story of my sisters keeper.

I feel like a conflicted character as I have different relationships with different people in my family. To begin with, Kate is my sister whom I love so much despite the fact that I am forced by my parents to donate blood, bone marrow, and body organs to her. I have always wanted to be independent and have a say on what happens to my life and my body. However, that is near impossible as the reason why I was born was to provide organs for my sister Kate. This leaves me in a Dilemma as am torn between being independent and letting my sister die. These contradicting feelings make me to be in crisis as am unable to relate to my family independently (Picoult 87). I usually feel a tremendous sense of guilt for wanting to live separate from Kate, and that makes me wonder what the rest of the family and the world would think of me. I however still want the best for my sister as well as to serve my purpose.

I file the lawsuit against my parents in an attempt to gain independence as advised by Kate. The lawsuit gives me my desires through granting me the chance to control my body. For the first time in my life, I feel free to put my interests before those of Kate and my parents.I present an intersection of science and humanity, whereby science is used to meet human desires through me. My conception was scientifically generated so that I could be a donor for my ailing sister. My parents thought of me as a carrier of spare organs for my sick sister, and I also developed that perception about myself.

However, I, later on, got sick of living like a subject and having no say over my body. The family loves me as well as all the other people, but that does not take away the fact that I was conceived to provide spare organs for Kate. My connection with Kate is however different, and she expresses her dissatisfaction with depending on me for organs and other medical donations such as blood.Caring for the rights and feelings of Anna is one of my fundamental roles in this narrative. Being a law attorney makes me better placed to fight for her rights which have been violated for a long time by her parents. From my perspective, Anna is a child who deserves equal rights as all other children, despite the fact that she was conceived through a scientific process which modified her genes to match those of Kate. This does not make her lesser of a human being, and her parents should not treat her in such a way. I have been in a similar situation whereby I have suffered epilepsy and remained secluded from the rest of the society, lest people start thinking that I am a burden. This made it easy for me to understand Anna’s situation and to join her in the fight for her liberation.Being a mother has many responsibilities the topmost being keeping the family safe and sound.

As a mother, i had to keep my daughter Kate alive. This is the only thing that motivated me more than anything else in my life. Despite the rest of the problems which I faced like Jesse’s misbehavior or even Anna’s need for freedom, these were less relevant compared to Kate’s survival. Kate gave me the motivation to move on with my life, and at some point, I forgot all the hardships I was facing just to see her happy and sound. It is quite hurting to watch a child that you love suffer and there is little that you can do to alleviate her suffering. I did not want to find myself in such a situation and thats how the idea of having Anna came about. I have always perceived her as a spare organ carrier since her birth.My relationship with my husband Brian as well as my sister Anna all revolves around Kate. My sister had to come in and take care of my other children, Anna and Jesse as I accompanied Kate to the hospital. All my concentration had been shifted to Kate, and my other two children were almost not part of my life anymore. Whenever am with Kate, my concentration wasn’t much on her physical health but on her emotional health. And when Anna discloses to me that Kate does not want to live any longer, I could not believe it since I have never spoken this with my daughter. At some point, I felt that I had a lot to share with my daughter since it was very difficult for me to believe anything that came from Anna despite the fact that she was really close with Kate.

The moment when I realized that my daughter had an unusual and also an antagonistic kind of leukemia, I was very shocked, but I made a decision of beginning treatment for Kate. When Kate began her chemotherapy, Dr. Chance, who was her oncologist, suggested that she may finally require a bone a marrow transfer rather from a donor who is related to her. When my son Jesse was tested, he wasn’t a match. Dr. Chance stated that an additional child might be a chance, and I had to suggest to my husband that we get another child (Picoult 123).Scientists managed to help us conceive another kid, a daughter, Anna. Anna was a perfect genetic match for my lovely daughter Kate. Anna had to face very many procedures such as regular blood removals, hurting bone marrow extraction in order to save Kate from the pains that she was going through.

Chemotherapy, as well as radiation results to her being very ill and any emergency journey to the hospital, represent a fresh relapse. My marriage is negatively affected due to all this to a range where we both have a sensation of being strangers. When my daughter Anna goes to Campbell that she wants to file a lawsuit against us because of medical emancipation, this really makes me angry since I look at it in the perspective that Anna doesnt want to save the life of her sister, Kate. But I guess I really didnt understand Annas decision as much as my husband did for my whole mind was switched to Kates recovery.

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