Many Know or Learn of Heroes

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Many Know or Learn of Heroes

Throughout history and cultures, heroes have held a prominent place in stories, myths, and real-world events. Their tales, whether fictional or factual, inspire, motivate, and offer insights into the values of a society. This topic explores the universal appeal of heroes, the qualities that define them, and their transformative impact on individuals and communities. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about Beowulf topic.

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Many know or learn of heroes from books, T.V. shows, movies, and tales. Growing up we looked up to or dreamed of being at least one of these many heroes. Once we have grown our society and culture begin to shape the hero characteristics we deem heroic. Throughout Beowulf , it expresses the central character as a hero. Beowulf, a warrior of the Geats and the central character of the story, expresses characteristics of bravery, loyalty, and generosity,these characteristics are those of a hero.

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Clarissa Fairchild is a character and hero from the mortal instrument series, she is a powerful shadowhunter in the shadow world. Clarissa Fairchild better known as Clary Fray, is a Shadowhunter who was raised among mundanes, unaware of her true heritage of being a shadowhunter. The girl who walked into a hotel full of vampires because her best friend was there and needed saving (Lost Souls 522).

After a war in the shadow world Joclyn Clary’s mother fled to the mundane world wher clary would then grow up. The day that Clary turns 16 she goes to the club Pandemonium, there she sees Jace, Isabelle, and Alec Lightwood hunting and killing a demon it is here she first witnesses the shadow world. It is Jace immediately has a fascination with Clary and he soon takes her to the New York shadowhunter institute. It isn’t till after Clary has been introduced to the shadow world that her old world begins to fall apart, it all begins when her mother is taken hostage by Valentine. On a mission to save her mother, knew found world and friends from Valentine Clary travels to the shadow hunter home land Idris.

It is here that Clary uses her ability to create new more powerful runes to fight against Valentine.
Beowulf hears of the monster Grendel, the fear and horrific deaths he has caused. Beowulf knows that their is a risk that Grendel could comes to the land of the Geats, so to save the people of both Geats and the land of the Danes he sets out to stop Grendel once and his reign of terror. Before he leaves to the land of the Danes Beowulf gathers Hrothgars best men and sets sail to rid the world of the monster Grendel.

With the best men of Geats Beowulf crosssed into the Dane territory ready to battle the monster they have heard so much about. Fully equipped with the tools and weapons they would need to fight Beowulf goes to the King of The Danes and ask for permission to fight Grendel on his territory. Once speaking to the king Beowulf is given permission and in honor of his bravery the king prepares a feast for him and his men before the set out for their battle. Beowulf was now ready to fight Grendel, although he had fought and battled any monsters before, Grendel would be a big challenge. Beowulf was fighting Grendel to show to people especially the Geats that he is very brave and heroic.
Once Clary has defeated Valentine all is well until her evil demonic brother Sebastian forms his army and a new war begins. Sometime in the war Sebastian takes Jace and possesses him and Clary must save him.

As a way to save Jace Clary stabs him with Archangel Michael’s sword to severe the connection.The sword give jace the heavenly fire which Clary traps then traps into shortsword, Heosphoros, and stabs Sebastian him with it, betraying him. After this and sometime Clary has excepted her life in the shadow world, where she is seen as one of the greatest heroes in history due to how she heroically saved many people while putting her life in danger.

Once Beowulf was given permission to fight Grendel he must face one of his greatest challenges. Beowulf luckily has experience with battling monsters and gives Grendel a somewhat even match. After a long battle between Grendel and Beowulf is able to trick Grendel, by luering him into herot where many rows of sleeping soldiers are, Grendel’ heart laughs at this because he believes that this will be and effortless murder. Beowulf allowed Grendel to kill one of his men so that Grendel truly believes that he has caught Beowulf off guard but it is in fact the other way around.

Once the man is killed Beowulf springs to action and attacks Grendel while he is off guard. Beowulf begans to fight Grendel with his barehands during the battle Beowulf get a hold of Grendel’s claws and binds them, so that he can twisted and squeezed his arm until Grendel’s shoulders begins to snapped, muscle and bone split and broke till Grendel was left without an arm. After this Grendel flees herot to his “miserable hole at the bottom of the marsh where he dies. ( 171, Beowulf, Burton Raffel) Later on Grendel’s mourning vengeful mother comes to kill Beowulf. Beowulf and Grendel’s mother begin to battle and then Grendel’s mother begins to take Beowulf into a battle hall a place where the heat from the water would not harm him as well as any other things found in the lake. Beowulf, an everyday average soldier, uses a giant’s sword and with one swift and powerful swing kills Grendel’s mother.

After defeating Grendel and his mother Beowulf brings his king Grendel’s head and an d the sword handle used to kill Grendel’s mother as proof of his victory. For Beowulf thitd battle years later he goes up against a dragon woken up by the thieft of a goblet he was guarding. Beowulf takes 11 of his warriors along with the thief respondsible. Beowulf uses the thief as a was to bait the dragon. throughtout the battle Beowulf is losing as he battles the dragon alone. All warriors fled except Wiglaf, who helped beowulf defeat the dragon due to the fact that all his men are too frigthened to help. During the battle Beowulf was injured and died. After Beowulf’s death his people surround him with his treasures, they end up burining both to the ground, once they have finished the build Beowulf a monument as a way to honor him.

I think that out of these two heroes Clary Fray is the most heroic. Whereas Beowulf was fighting Grendel to show to people especially the Geats that he is very brave and heroic. Clary became a hero not by choice but to protect the people she loved and her knew found world. She showed her heroism by killing not only her father but her only sibling Sebastian because it was what was right. By doing so she saved not only the shadow world but the mundane world as well. She was willing to fight for what was right and give up her life simply because it was the right thing to due, she never seeked fame or glory. She was tested through many trials and came out on top for all of them.

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