Manual Labor is One of the most Essential Things

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Manual Labor is One of the most Essential Things

This essay will argue the importance of manual labor, discussing its vital role in society, the skills it requires, and its often underestimated value in the modern economy. At PapersOwl, you’ll also come across free essay samples that pertain to Behavior Modification.

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“Manual labor is one of the most essential things in a successful career. It is what paved the way for Booker T. Washington’s many incredible accomplishments. In Booker T. Washington’s autobiography, Up From Slavery, He pushes for the importance of manual labor to be part of America’s educational system. This book shows us the trials of Booker T’s life in slavery and how he overcame them. It shows how he chose to learn from his years in slavery and strive for greatness as he moved on towards having an education and using his hands to work whenever he could.

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His autobiography shows how manual labor effects all areas of life and should be taught to all people as part of their education. Some examples of why manual labor is important are that it gives one a sense of accomplishment, it prepares one for many of life’s trials, and it plays a big part in a significant amount of employment.

In the early years of Booker T’s life, he worked cleaning a woman’s house. This experience taught him to clean efficiently, and in turn, enabled him to get into a very prestigious college that he wanted to attend. This experience helped him feel accomplished and was vital towards his entrance into college. An example of Washington’s accomplishment is when he states “”‘The sweeping of the room was my college examination, and never did any youth pass an examination for entrance into Harvard or Yale that gave him more genuine satisfaction. I have passed several examinations since then, but I have always felt that this one was the best one I ever passed,'”” (p36). Washington states here that cleaning the room with his hands gave him more satisfaction than any academically based exam he ever took in his life. This demonstrates the Welch 2 importance of manual labor. Knowing how to work hard and accomplish something with your hands gives one confidence, satisfaction, and it is of great use everywhere they go.

A second reason why education should be equal with manual labor is that without having been taught both, people will not be prepared to face the world with confidence. An example of this from Booker T. Washington’s autobiography is when he states “”‘ I have begun everything with the idea that I could succeed'”” (p46). Here when Washington states he begins “”everything”” in such a way, it is clear that he was confident in all aspects of life. It is important for manual labor to be taught to all people so that they will have the confidence and ability to successfully do things that are important in life such as cooking, cleaning, or repairing things. When one enjoys their career and is confident in it, it will not seem like work, but rather be an enjoyable everyday experience. During one summer, Booker T. Washington had to work at a restaurant to secure money. Working in manual labor based jobs is something many college students must do to make their way through schooling.

An example of Booker T. Washington working in this way is when he states “”‘I wanted very much to go somewhere where I might secure work that would at least pay me enough to purchase some much-needed clothing and other necessities… I finally secured work in a restaurant'”” (p45). In this quote, readers can see Washington worked hard wherever he could to pay for clothing and other essential items like hygiene supplies. It took Booker T. Washington being put into slavery for him to learn to work with his hands. Without this situation, he would not have been able to secure a job to get through schooling. This is one very good reason why manual labor should be taught along with basic academics so that men and women can support themselves and their families when academically based jobs are scarce. It can also supply jobs for those who are less academically gifted, yet are willing to work with their hands Welch 3 for money. Many people are gifted in areas that fall into the area of manual labor. Such gifts may be sewing, building homes, and businesses, or even gardening. There are countless areas of employment that are important parts of civilization. These jobs must be filled and are just as important as any academically based career. These three points, that manual labor can bring confidence, and prepare people for the world, and it can be a good source of income for many people, prove the fact that manual labor should be viewed and taught equally with academics.

Manual labor affects all areas of life like raising children or supporting civilization. Manual labor will take part in each and every person’s life at one point or another. Booker T. Washington spent a large portion of his life striving to help others achieve greatness through willingness and comprehension of manual labor. The world can honor his efforts, and improve significantly by teaching and learning manual labor as part of America’s everyday educational system.”

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