Macbeth Character Analysis

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Macbeth , a series of many tragedies involving murder and the element of betrayal of loyalty but it’s nothing compared to the amount of greed that has been instilled in macbeth. But he wasn’t always a unloyal backstabber he wasn’t always this bad character. At the beginning of the story macbeth is know as a warrior he has fought a battle and he has won in many people’s eyes he is a hero and he has earned the title thane of cawdor , at this point of time he is the good guy to everyone.

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But the three witches who came in at the beginning of the story changed him very quickly when they told him his prophecy , that he shall be king along but they also told banquo who is Macbeth’s friend in my opinion he also gets a prophecy and it is that he shall be father of kings . By the witches telling macbeth his prophecy macbeth and his wife lady macbeth felt as if he should take matters into his own hands and speed up his prophecy .And the beginning of it starts with king duncan of scotland ,as any noble king he thanks macbeth for his heroics but macbeth had not expected king duncan to name his son malcolm as heir to the throne.This was not good news for macbeth if he was to be king like the witches said but he had no idea in mind on how he would fulfill his prophecy but lady macbeth did she already had this plan in her head .

After she had learned that the witches foretold macbeth that he would be king she used that to her advantage came up with the plan to murder king duncan lady macbeth being his wife he goes with the plan and follows her lead.And just like any other day lady macbeth and macbeth played it cool and greeted king duncan as he arrived at their castle, king duncan as gracious and noble he respects macbeth and lady macbeth . This added to another reason why macbeth did not want to commit to the murder and he started to have second thought on the evil plan his wife cooked up. Macbeth second guess himself and almost backs out of this plan until his wife uses her words to change his mind and go through with the plan.So with lady macbeth in his head he goes out in the night to end up running into banquo and he expresses that he has had a weird dream about the three weird sisters but macbeth pays no attention to it and proceeds on to his mission when banquo steps away

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