Looking for my Motivation

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Updated: Jun 29, 2022
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As a kid, my dad told me that I have a wonderful imagination and a way with words. He always pushed me to write down my thoughts and try writing stories. He wasn’t wrong, but the second that I sat down, I had no idea what to write and I had no motivation or confidence to keep trying. In the rare occasions that I do wish to write, I face a few other issues in my writing. I can come up with good ideas when I need to and I love proper grammar and sentence structure.

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The issue comes when writing longer amounts, both skills fly entirely out the window. I can only apply those skills when I am writing in smaller amounts. Once I reach a certain amount of writing, I have to struggle to write even a single word, and even harder to reach a word count if there is one. I usually feel as if I am just repeating myself, as I got the most substantial part of my writing out in the first few minutes. How can I develop my skills when writing longer works and improve my motivation to right?

I want to be able to write the way my dad believed I could as a child so that I can one day give him something to read that I am truly proud of. I also wish to be able to write better for school assignments or for job requirements. Signed Caralila Sampson. Dear Caralila Sampson, It’s wonderful that you had a dad who was so encouraging in your writing and who believed in your skills, not many people have that. Your struggles are not unique to you, they are ones that most writers face. My biggest piece of advice is simply practice. Don’t sit down and expect everything to come to you immediately. Instead, understand that writing is a skill that needs to be built up, just like any other. Invest time in your writing in order for it to improve. If you aren’t proud of your work, it doesn’t mean you should throw it out, but instead figure out why you aren’t proud of it and fix it.

Your issues with writing larger pieces sound similar to one that I personally had to overcome. I would procrastinate and be left to write everything last minute, with no real time to think about what I was writing. My ideas were good, but they weren’t developed enough to hold out. You need to give yourself time to write and write well. By time, I don’t mean an hour, I mean a few days to work on it. Write a little each day, that way you won’t feel burnt out in your writing as time goes on. This will also allow ideas to come to you between your writing sessions to help add more content. Rereading your work once you return will help to prevent you from repeating yourself too much and it may help you to make sure it all flows. Finally, you should dedicate a few days solely to correcting your mistakes. That way you won’t use the word ‘right’ when you meant to say ‘write’.

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