Looking at the Sunset

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Looking at the Sunset

This essay will reflect on the experience of watching a sunset. It will discuss the emotional and psychological effects of this natural phenomenon, its representation in art and literature, and why sunsets hold such a special place in human experience and culture. On PapersOwl, there’s also a selection of free essay templates associated with Human Nature.

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The sunset A sunset… The initial feeling of it is an excellent and beguiling formation of nature that leaves an incredible picture in people?s minds; nonetheless, once in a while those pictures can connect with a contrary feeling like sluggishness and outrage. 

It was in the early evening, around four; I was perched on the seashore, looking at the ocean and the sun, and sitting tight for my companion. I appreciated looking into the skyline of the ocean where the sky and the water were combining, how the waves were covering oweathene another, and the sun that was mirroring its beams from the water.

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The sun was high up in the sky spreading its beams wherever attempting to contact each item around. The shade of the sun was velvety yellow, and it was not difficult to recognize it from the light blue shade of the sky. There were not many mists, yet they were far away, so the sun was taking all the space over the skyline. As the sunset was beginning, the sun was going down leisurely changing its tone from rich yellow to shades of gleaming orange. The beams were not arriving at the land anymore. A few pieces of the scene were getting dull like the sun was going down. The distinction in its anything but a brief time frame period was perceptible. In a couple of moments, the sun was at that point all red and its red shading spread all around the sky. The ruddy mists appeared as though cotton candy in the sky. Indeed, even the ocean was evolving as well. It started to get more powerful in light of the fact that there were more waves and they were higher. The shade of the ocean was changing from light to dim blue, practically dark. From the waves? sprinkles the ocean resembled a brew in a glass since the froth was covering it. Here and there the froth was covering it all over, so the ocean looked white as though it was the snow however not the water. At the point when the sun arrived at the line of the skyline, it was a rich red shading like blood. It appeared as though that the sun was sinking into the water like a piece of live coal and the warmth made the air around the sun sparkle. The sky was practically dull and the primary stars were seen. 

Gradually the sun was vanishing underneath the waves as last beams were noticeable and leaving its lone clues in the rosy sky. The ocean was getting more dynamic and fierce. It seemed as though that the tempest would happen, and I figured how might I respond in the event that it would truly occur. I was terrified and didn’t have any desire to go through the night on the seashore freezing and being scared by the ocean storm. I began to cry like a kid that got lost. Then, at that point unexpectedly I felt that someone put their hand on my shoulder. My body recoiled and I was terrified to pivot. Yet, I did and I saw my companion remaining behind me. She began to cry and disclose to me why she was so late. I didn’t feel any outrage at her anymore in light of the fact that for an obscure explanation it was totally gone when I saw her. We watched the finish of the sunset, hopped into the vehicle and left. While we were driving I thought back to that sea shore, the ocean and the last beams of the sun as though I was bidding farewell to a companion with whom I spent quite a while and won?t see once more. 

A great many people would say that they have seen the sunset, yet my sunset was unique to me since I didn?t decide to watch it, and I resented this is on the grounds that from the start it was consuming me and afterward it was killing my desire for getting warm. However it was breathtaking!


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