LGBT is a Collective Term


“LGBT is a collective term that refers to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. They have been living in the society since, human existence but as a secluded group. This is due to the fact that the society do not accept individuals having sexual relations with the member of similar gender. Due to this only, these communities had to survive among the society and still had to hide their sexual identity (UNAIDS, 2019). However, from past few decades LGBT communities have been accepted by the society as they themselves have taken initiatives in order to broaden up the thinking of the society.

They were able to achieve this acceptance by numerous revolts and the revolutionary groups created by them and also by the some LGBT supporting socialists. Revolution is a change brought among the orthodox functioning of the society in order to make the society understand the myths and accept the demands that the revolution have to present (Lyons, 2016). LGBT groups also were able to achieve the acceptance by the help of these revolutionary groups but only at some places.


The major goal, on which the revolutionary group is based upon, is to make society understand that LGBT are not different humans. Just because they are sexually different or have different sexual choices does not queue them in the list of criminals or abnormal individuals. Due to this and as supported by Meyer (2015), lack of acceptance makes LGBT as a secluded group that is vulnerable to every sort of discrimination. It can be in terms of employment, healthcare, criminal activities and much more. Ultimately any activity that may had some negative impact is been then related to being LGBT. This makes LGBT vulnerable to hatred from the society, which results to the unwanted indulgent of these groups into criminal activities.

Coston (2018) presented a study related to the criminology among LGBT and it was found the LGBT were unwantedly blamed for the in incidents and this was because there was no proper investigation of the cases and these groups were entitled to suffer the punishments just because they were from a group that is not accepted by the society. Therefore, this revolutionary group not only focuses towards empowering the LGBT and reduce the crime and injustice against them but also to eliminate the hatred and make society sensitive towards them.


Here, the revolutionary group is being created keeping in focus the rights that LGBT deserves but they are not provided by the society. They have been unwantedly associated and made victims of criminal activities, employment discrimination and other discriminations, which is against the moral ethics, and this revolutionary focuses on the increasing crime against the LGBT and the resulting hate from the society due to these activities.

Core Constituencies

In these revolutionary groups, the protests will be done lawfully, that is the protests that are being allowed by the government and officials. This is due to the fact that illegally protesting against an issue not only creates a chaos and lead to hardcore actions from the authorities but also it creates a negative impact on the society regarding the issue. As presented by Gabriel (2015), lawfully allowed protest is not only secured and supported by the authorities but also prevents the participants from being harmed.


As supported by Droogendyk, Wright, Lubensky and Louis (2016), a campaign that too on a state or national level cannot become successful without inculcating different groups, as if they are not included, they may move sideways and get indulged with the anti-issue groups or here anti-LGBT groups. Likewise, a lawyer can provide significant and required support in the jurisdiction and court functioning. Psychiatrists and psychologists are required to influence the society regarding the issue and the changes that have to be made in the orthodox rituals and views that they have been following.

Support from the police and authorities is must as without that the campaign may get declared as illegal and this can not only harm the participants but also can reflect a negative impact on the society regarding the nature of campaign or group. Political leaders and human rights support groups will help the group to reach a mass level and can help in making a national campaign.


As argued by Lyons (2016), discrimination based on race, color, cast and gender had been prevailing in the society from a very long period of time. LGBT communities are being mostly discriminated based on their sexual preferences, which society do not accept.

Key Messages

Use of banner and other branded entities with imprinted slogans such as t-shirts can be used by the participants. “We want to live too. We are no different from others” is an effective slogan from both biological and psychological perspective and will be displayed by the imprinted t-shirts.


Further, in order to make the protest more effective audio visuals can be used. This is due to the fact that audio visuals presents an interactive, effective and a more attractive mode of communication with the society and the issues or the concepts that cannot be explained, can be easily broadcasted by the use of audio-visuals. Moreover, as mentioned by League, Lizardi and Kahn (2018), during the busy lifestyle it is not a good choice to protest on roads and parks instead the protests have also to be made modern. Here social media emerges as one of the most effective tool since, most of the teen and young population is active on social media therefore, it presents a very platform for an effective protest and in a cold manner.


In order to sensitize the society against LGBT, approaches have to be applied from different aspects and they would be from biological, social and psychological dimensions. Although, making people understand that sexual preference is one’s personal choice is easy but forcing the society to accept this is a crucial task that requires approaches from variable dimension. As mentioned by Colin (2015), explaining society the biology behind the LGBT helps to make people accept the natural cause, further, psychological perspective is that being an LGBT is not a personal choice instead they are another one of nature’s creation and discrimination against nature’s creation is against moral ethics.

For this, changes have to be made in the decision making for the LGBT. As for now, the decision-making is based upon the demands that these groups presents. Further, these demands are being influenced by the decision-making parties, which includes political leaders and other religious leaders. Since, they do not understand the scenario from ground zero therefore, the decisions implied by the Supreme Court becomes weakly effective and as a result even after passing the laws or decisions LGBT still remains vulnerable to hatred from society.

The revolutionary group suggests and emphasizes on the involvement of LGBT groups in the decision-making. As supported by Chin, Lopez, Nathan, and Cook (2016), in order to make decision making effective for a minority, participation has to be included from their community. Pichler, Ruggs and Trau (2017) further suggested that this participation should not only be at the state or national level but also at lower levels such as in companies and organizations.

Organizational Structure

The revolution group made focuses on an issue that prevails internationally and therefore, one leader or a certain group of leaders cannot run this effectively. In order to function effectively a networked organization is required. A Networked organization,, as suggested by Batt and Appelbaum (2017), is an organization where independent people and independent groups acts as nodes, they further link the boundaries in order to function together even overseas for a common purpose. LGBT communities are found everywhere on the globe there only networked organization of revolution group can make it effective because it has multiple leaders and lots of interacting levels. Leaders from every area identifies the issues that the communities face therefore, these issues cannot be generalized by appointing one common leader for the revolutionary group.

However, appointing a steering committee is must for the proper functioning of the group, as there are different responsibilities that are being associated with every member of the committee. Further, Head of campaigns, assistants, finance controller, secretaries and representatives of every community have to be appointed. As indicated by Herek (2017), this is not only for the decentralization of powers but also for the distribution of responsibilities for handling a campaign. However, the appointment of these members will be solely on democratic basis that is every decision or appointment must be supported and backed by every group. Further, the most important feature that bridges the groups is communication and it can be maintained and done through face-to-face meetings and also by organizing informal discussions.


For any campaign or group to function or even protest against any issue, funding is required. Even if the participants are not being paid, but payment have to be done for the amenities and other entities used during the campaign. For this, the donation and collections can be done by the participants (Drake, 2013). Further, support from the political leaders can be taken to raise the money. Companies have to fund such social campaigns under corporate social responsibility (CSR) further; various support groups and social groups are available, which can be approached in order to raise funds. Likewise, any star or a big name from the similar community can be approached with the viewpoint of raising money for the welfare of their own community.


Any revolution to be successful requires support from the individuals. This individual support is not require from only one community but from a dynamic culture. That is, the revolutionary group not only needs participation from the LGBT community, however, they are the major supporter but also the support is required from other allies. Allies need to be from various department to support the campaign from every aspect. The potential allies or the real world groups working can be lawyers, psychological practitioner, human right support organizations, police, authorities, and political leaders supporting the campaign.


This revolutionary group will function to empower the LGBT community. Queer’s theory exactly explains the reason behind the establishment of this revolutionary group and that is discrimination, biasness and criminology against the LGBT community. Just because they have unusual or different sexual preferences does not places them in a category where they needs to be discriminated. Further, homosexuality is not a curse to the society instead it is boon towards an open mentality and this is what the revolutionary group presents. The discrimination against LGBT is not only limited to negative thoughts, it gets severe when attacks are done and when unwantedly LGBT individuals are being involved in criminal cases. All this is due to the biased decision-making, which needs to be amended.


Community Building Activities

LGBT community is being benefitted by this group and especially the members of LGBT who are socially suppressed and are involved in discrimination and criminal records. This is due to the fact that even if LGBT are being accepted by the society still, society blames them for any unusual activity. As supported by Parker (2017), violence against the LGBT community is being increasing because people have developed hatred against them and this is because of their demands of special rights.

Therefore, there is a need for the change in mentality that the special rights demanded are due to the discrimination and other violence that LGBT has to suffer just because of their unusual sexual preferences. Not only LGBT community, but also people from other socially depressed classes can join raise their issues. Classes such as black discriminated based on color and other communities can also collaborate to develop a strong unity and can empower the group.


LGBT has been a suppressed group of the society just because their choices are not in accordance to the acceptability of the society. Society needs to understand that they are made like that and they have their own choices and rights to choose, which they have to accept. Revolutionary groups are a major influence towards increasing this acceptance as they not only change the mindsets but also incorporate dynamic strategies to achieve their goal. These groups functions in a networked organization and this helps in linking the other members also. LGBT community can also benefit in every aspect by this revolutionary group.”

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