Julius Caesar Rome’s Greatest Leader

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Updated: Dec 04, 2019
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Julius Caesar Rome’s Greatest Leader essay

Julius Caesar is said to be one of Rome’s greatest leaders through actions and the expansion of the once small Rome to an Empire. Gaius Julius Caesar was born July 12 100 BCE into a patrician family, his father being governor of a region in Asia, when his father passed all the responsibility fell to Caesar. Through his childhood he was around political figures in which would breed him for success. No one believed Caesar would grow into a successful leader. Caesar was born into a civil war 2 army commanders, his uncle, Gaius Marius the two commanders struggled for power in which led to anarchy and Rome’s senates fractionated some siding with Marius but Caesars family on another side of the political divide. On the other fraction of Rome Lucius Cornelius Sulla declared himself dictator of Rome. Sulla dealt with his political opponents by establishing the a purge system of proscription, this system had the names of threats and were to be killed for money, Julius Caesar’s name was on this list. A pardon was constructed by political neutrals Sulla warned them about Julius going to destroy the political system they were trying so hard to preserve.

Caesar rose in power by initiating an alliance with Pompey and a wealthy patrician, Crassus , together they gained control of Rome. During this time Caesar set his conquest in Gaul, becoming governor of Cisalpine which is Northern Italy and Transalpine Gaul, Southern France.In 58, when the Helvetii in Switzerland attempted to migrate into central Gaul, Caesar decided that they would be a threat to the Roman province, and in a great battle he stopped their advance and sent them back into their homeland. In the meantime he had become friendly with the chieftains of central Gaul, and they urged him to protect them against a German invader from across the Rhine, Ariovistus. So, in the summer of 58, after defeating the Helvetians, Caesar marched against the Germans and drove them out of Gaul(History.com). After Caesar became involved in all Gauls affair and eventually made Gual a province by many champaigns and series of battles in Northern Gaul, a battle including crossing the Rhine a bridge was constructed in order to cross. Back in Rome Crassus was killed and pompey wanted to rule alone.

A civil war was created because Caesar disregarded the senate’s and Pompey’s order to leave them and Guam and return to Rome without them but Caesar brought his army disputes their orders. The outcome resulted in Caesar’s army defeating Pompey. Caesar then became the ruler of all of Rome and its territories. Under his rule he made laws in which helped others he gave land to the poor,made sure military veterans had land after service and made laws against threatening someone into giving them what they wanted (extortion). With these, he limited the number of slaves. He grew to the expansion of Rome by conquering new territories, with these territories he gave the opportunity to migrate there for the poor.. One of Caesar’s famous military decisions was in the 50-51 B.C when he stopped a resistance by setting siege to Vercingetorix’s bastion at Alesia.

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