The most Iconic Rulers of Egypt

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Who was a one of the rulers of Egypt? Cleopatra was a ruler of Egypt in fact she was the queen. Cleopatra was also a very beautiful queen but that’s not all she is, she not always a pretty face like Hollywood always makes her.


Cleopatra was the queen of Egypt but she was not the only one at the throne see she inherited the throne when she was 18 but had to share it with her 12 year old brother.

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Cleopatra and her brother did not always get along, one day her brother and his friends tried to kick Cleopatra out of power and they succeeded. When Cleopatra was kicked out of power a leader named Julius Caesar came over in 48 BCE from Rome to settle things between Cleopatra and her brother, but when he arrived Cleopatra had a carpet delivered and when he opened it she was rolled up inside. Caesar fell in love with her. Caesar then made Cleopatra the ruler of Egypt. Cleopatra and Caesar had a son named Sazareon. But then Caesar went on to become a dictator of Rome but in 44 BCE he was murdered.

After his death Mark Antony was the leader of Rome along with Octavian Caesar’s adopted son. In 42 BCE Cleopatra sailed across the sea to meet him, but the ship she was on was no ordinary ship it was a ship with rose petals laid down on it and rowed by maids dressed as seanimpfs also Cleopatra lay underneath a golden canopy being fanned by men dressed as cupid. When Cleopatra arrived Mark Antony fell in love.

Mark Antony and Cleopatra went back to Egypt together. A few years later they got married and had three children so they had four kids because Julius Caesar and Cleopatra already had a son. Mark Antony decided to make Cleopatra’s kids rulers of various Roman territories. That did not settle good back in Rome. Why? Because Rome did not like Mark Antony giving away big parts of their territory plus Mark Antony already had a wife in fact it was Octavian’s sister, so Octavian convinced Rome that they should declare war in Egypt. So a showdond took place at Actium in 31 BCE. Rome won and Cleopatra and Mark Antony fled back to Egypt. Most of Mark Antony’s team abandoned him so he killed himself, along with Cleopatra letting a poisonous snake called a Asp bite her then she died because of the venom in the snake. Back in rome Octavian changed his name to Augustus and became a Roman emperor.

Julius Caesar

Who is Julius Caesar? Julius is a man that was a leader of Rome. Julius Caesar was married to Cleopatra. He fell in love with Cleopatra when he was going to settle the issue between Cleopatra and her brother. Then Caesar made Cleopatra queen and made her brother give up the throne. When the two of them fell in love they had a child named Sazaron. Caesar had a adopted son named Octavian. But when he went to become dictator of Rome he died in 44 BCE.

Mark Antony

Mark Antony was Cleopatra’s second husband. He was ruler of Rome with Octavian Caesar’s adopted son. After Caesar died Cleopatra asked for protection from Mark Antony so she sailed across the sea to meet him. He fell in love with her. Soon after they got married. Mark Antony and Cleopatra had three children so Cleopatra had four children because Caesar and Cleopatra already had a son. Mark Antony killed himself after losing war to Rome.


Octavian was ruler of Rome with Mark Antony, Octavian was also Caesar’s adopted son. But when Mark Antony fell in love and sailed back to Egypt with Cleopatra and they got married Octavian got mad because Mark Antony already had a wife in fact it was Octavian’s sister. Octavian was already was mad because of Mark Antony marrying someone else and breaking his sisters heart but when, Mark Antony made Cleopatra’s kids rulers of Rome he got terribly angry. Octavian was so mad that he declared war on Egypt. Rome won and Cleopatra and Mark Antony fled back to Egypt. When Octavian won the war he changed his name to Augustus.

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