John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s Biography

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29,1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. John Kennedy had 5 sisters and 2 brothers and a mom named Rose Kennedy and a father named Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. JFK had a very interesting childhood in the first 6 months of him being born he was in and out of the hospital many times for such diseases as whooping cough, measles, and the chicken pox, and before he was even three years old he came down with the scarlet fever which was a potential life threatening disease. At the age of three The Kennedy family packed up and moved out of Brookline and headed more closely to Boston,Massachusetts. As John grew up he didn’t have many issues with illnesses. As John grew up he went to Choate Boarding School and made many friends and grew fond of sports playing many of them in high school like Basketball,Football,Tennis, and Golf and was very competitive between him and his two other brothers. Later in life once John graduate High school he went to Harvard university were his brother Joe went to school. When John was playing football at Harvard he ruptured a disc in his spine and never really fully recovered from that injury which would affect him later in life. Soon after graduating college World War 2 started and John and Joe both Volunteer For the war John went to the navy and his brother Joe became a pilot. ( jfk

JFK library says that when john was in the military he was a lieutenant and he and he was assigned to command a patrol torpedo boat in the south pacific. John commanded twelve men and where looking to sink enemy japanese ships. Suddenly a japanese destroyer ships became visible and was going straight on towards them full speed. Kennedy tried swerving out of the way but he couldn’t and the enemy slammed into kennedys boat and split it in half and it killed two of his men and the ship caught on fire. When the boat rammed into the side of the ship it hurdled kennedy around the cockpit and injured his back even more. Once the men abonned shipped kennedy pulled them ashore with his teeth and biting on their life vests. After kennedy saved some of their lives he carved a sos message and later two island natives found them and later a patrol boat and saved them. Sadly a year later his brother joe was killed in a dangerous mission flying over europe. When kennedy got home he was award many different navy and marine corps medals. Once he finally got out of the service he was head back home and he couldn’t decide what he wanted to do so than wanting to remember his brother he went into a political career

According to Once kennedy started his political career he decide to run for congress in massachusetts and john won the congress in massachusetts in 1946. That was the start of his political career and John served as a democrat and served 3 terms ( 6 years) in the house of representatives and in 1952 he was elected into the U.S. senate. Soon after he was elected as a senator John married at thirty-six to a twenty-four year old woman named Jacqueline Bouvier. Early into their marriage John was getting more back pains and later he had two serious back surgery and in which he was recovering he wrote a book called ” Profiles Of COurage”. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his biography in 1957 and in that same year his first daughter was born and her name was Caroline. John was becoming a very popular politics and in 1956 he was very close to being choose to run as vice-president. He started to work long hours and travelling around the united states on weekends. John was elected to be the democratic party nominated on July 13, 1960. Kennedy asked lyndon B. Johnson a senator from Texas to run with him and be his vice president. On the general election on November 8,1960 John defeated his opposing candidate for the republican side Richard M. Nixon and it was a very close race. At the age of 43 Kennedy was the youngest elected man as president and he was also the first elected president to be a catholic and also before Kennedy’s inauguration he second child was born and he was named john jr.

On January 20, 1961 John F. Kennedy was sworn into The Presidential office. His inaugural speech he spoke about for all the americans that they need to be active citizens and brought a youthful spirit to the white house with his wife and his two children. The Kennedys thought that the white house should be a place to celebrate the nation’s history, culture, and achievement. John F. Kennedy was a very busy man but he still found time to be with his kids and his family. One thing John was worried about was a nuclear war with the soviet union and the spread of communism and John didn’t want to start another war with the worry of death and this was the start of the cold war. There was many times when there could have been a huge nuclear war and death such as the cuban missile crisis of 1962. President kennedy would always wake up at seven pm and not even go to bed until eleven or midnight and worked hard to prevent any mass nuclear apocalypse. Still with the cold war John faced problems in the united states he wanted to help more americans get more jobs so he founded the peace corps which is still going on today which provides jobs and aid to education,farming,health care, construction, etc. which help more americans getting jobs. John was also eager to explore space and beat the soviets to space and the moon and got a huge sum of money from congress which was 22 billion dollars for the space program so they could beat the soviets. Also kennedy helped with the civil rights movement and passed many bill and movements and asked americans to end racism and Kennedy said that as americans regardless of skin color should enjoy a happy and peaceful life in the United States Of America. ( jfk

On November 21,1963 President Kennedy flew down to texas to give a lot of political speeches and on November 22,1963 John F. Kennedy was driving down in his motorcade in Dallas,Texas with a open top and was waving to people driving down the street and when driving down the street lee harvey oswald shot on the sixth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository and he shot and killed President John F. Kennedy. Lee harvey Oswald was charged with his murder and on November 24,1963 Lee harvey Oswald was murdered by Jack Ruby. (

John F. Kennedy was a very influential president and lived a great life many people greeted over his death and many people attend his funeral and millions watched it over their televisions. JFK’s time in the oval office was brief but was very influential and will be remembered for his leadership, memories, and accomplishments. John was very optimistic about the future and changed america as we know it. He believed that people could solve their common problems by putting the countries interest first and to work together and help their country. (

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