It should be Illegal to own a Pit Bull

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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When you think of pit bulls you automatically think vicious and deadly, right? Pit bulls were bred from English bulldogs and in the early 1800’s they were used in a vicious sport called bull baiting, bull baiting is where one or two pit bulls would harass a bull till it was fatigued, injured or both. The birthplace of the pit bull is the United Kingdom. Which is ironic because the same place the pit bull was originally bred is now the place where they are currently banned, which is why Pitbulls should be banned (The History N.

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When it comes to pit bulls they can indeed be very vicious and dangerous, and there are a whole slew of people who believe that pit bulls should be banned. When people ask for this breed they are most likely asking so that they can go and use them to earn some money. however , some owners have a desire to dispel some of the myths and rumors about pit bulls, particularly regarding their viciousness. They seek for this breed so that they can train them and show people that pit bulls can actually be trained and that they really are not, vicious dogs that people make them out to be. Unfortunately, this does not negate the fact that there have been a lot of incidents and attacks involving pit bulls, for example between 2005 and 2015, pit bulls killed 232 Americans, about one citizen every 17 days.

Pit bulls have been banned all around the world. They have been banned in Thirty-eight U.S. counties, Thirty-three U.S. states, and two hundred ninety-two U.S. Military bases and fifty countries worldwide. In 2009, the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine corps banned dangerous dog breeds from privatized housing and domestically and abroad. One of the most major announcements about pit bulls was when the Quebec government introduced bill 128, which prohibits the people of Quebec, Canada from owning any pit bull or form of pit bull. But in June of 2018 the Quebec Government abandoned bill 128. Instead of going through with bill 128 the lawmakers decided to waver it.

In 1991, the United Kingdom government had introduced the dangerous dogs act which bans pit bulls terriers. The dangerous dog acts set forth laws intended to keep the public safe from controversial pieces of legislation. The law was updated in 2014 to extend the law to also cover dogs on private property. It also makes it illegal to sell, abandon, give away, or breed pit bull terriers. If you own a pit bull terrier the police are liable to take your dog away even if they aren’t acting as a dangerous dog or if there isn’t any complaint. If your dog is seized a police or council dog expert will decide what type of dog it is and whether it is currently, or has the potential to be, a danger to the public. It will either be returned to you or remain in kennels while a court application is made, in which case, owners are not permitted to visit.

If your dog is a banned type but deemed not dangerous by the court it may be put on the Index of Exempted Dogs (IED) and you will be allowed to keep your dog. In this case you will be given a lifelong Certificate of Exemption and you must ensure your dog is neutered, microchipped, muzzled and on a lead at all times when in a public place and kept in a secure place where it won’t be able to escape.(Lees ‘Dangerous Dogs Act: What is it, what are the banned breeds and what other laws should dog owners be aware of on National Dog Day’ 2018)

There have been a couple of cases where professional athletes have been caught supporting pit bull fights. Former power forward Qyntel Woods pleaded guilty to misdemeanor animal abuse, three months after an investigation was launched into allegations that he was involved in dogfighting. He ended up being sentenced to 12 months of probation and 80 hours of community service. One of the most major incidents involving a professional athlete was when former NFL star Michael Vick was caught supporting dog fighting, he even had his own underground dog fighting club called Bad Newz Kennels. He would be sentenced to 23 months in prison for involvement in pitbull fighting.

I recently conducted an interview with my aunt Chonta, i asked her questions about her perception of pitbulls and she said “I think Pitbulls are just like any other dog, if they are trained right they can be very good dogs. My Husbands friend has a blue pit bull and he is very well trained and behaved.” I asked her if she ever had an experience with a pit bull she said “when her husbands friend came over he brought his pit bull and the pit bull came in the house and layed down and bothered no one.” I asked her if she had ever witnessed a pit bull attack she said “No, i’ve never witnessed a pit bull attack but i’ve seen about them on the news.” i asked if she had ever been attacked by a pit bull she said “No, i’ve never been attacked by a pit bull.” I also asked her if she thought pit bulls should be banned and if so why, she said “No, because in my opinion the people are the problem they are the one who trains the dog to do whatever.” For the final question i asked her if she thought people made pit bulls out than what they are? She said “Yes, because the only thing you ever see on the news are the bad things, but i believe they are good breed, people just don’t show all the good things.” That is why pit bulls should be banned.

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