Is Obesity a Problem?

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Is Obesity a Problem? Have you ever wondered how dysfunctional obesity can be for a person? What impact does it make on health and personal life? Usually, a person who has not encountered this problem rarely thought about it. You can watch TV shows about people overweight just for entertaining or laugh at a friend who got overweight without understanding the importance of this problem. Personally, I did not understand the seriousness of the situation in which an overweight person reaches before one point in my life. The moment I met Lucy, whose story I’m going to tell you.

I met Lucy while I was at secondary school. She was sitting alone at the table in the school dining room and crying. A thick girl with a red hair braided braid. No one paid attention to her, everybody was laughing and having fun, and therefore it seemed that she did not belong to this place. I decided to talk to her and her story struck me so much that even now, many years later, I clearly remember every word and her view, full of despair. The girl told me that she lived in a luxury house, and her parents were very wealthy, but they worked a lot and could not spend a lot of time with her, so she often cried and ate a lot when she was upset.

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On that day she brought to the school cookies which she had cooked herself and wanted to share with her classmates, but they threw her cookies, which was a real tragedy for the girl. The classmates often laughed at the girl and did not want to sit with her at the same table, the guys often offended called it, although Lucy was actually a kind and sincere person. She dreamt to become a doctor. Her sincerity and frankness bribed me and I had a desire to help her and always defend her. She was a year younger than me, and I perceived her as a younger sister who needed my help.

We really became friends and often chatted. When Lucy was 14, she became ill with diabetes due to her overweight and spent a lot of time at the hospital and therefore rarely appeared at school. By that time, Lucy weighed about 260 pounds, which seriously affected her health. What’s worse, Lucy did not follow the diet prescribed by a doctor and the situation worsened. She started having heart problems and I was afraid of her life.I visited her several times, we went to walk together.

It was quite difficult for Lucy but I tried to get her involved in physical exercises. She refused to go to the gym, so we did some physical exercises at her home. I invited her to come to me and I cooked dietetic meals together. I realized that this girl needed help and did everything in my power. Over time, Lucy appeared to have a desire to live and develop. We did some physical exercises every day and it became a little easier. I helped her with biology and chemistry. But because of its complexes and undervalued self-esteem, she did not even go to the graduation party, which made me upset because this incredible girl really deserved to be present at this holiday.

Unfortunately, after Lucy graduated from school, she and her parents moved to another city and we were not able to see. My lessons have a result, Lucy enrolled in college and studying very well. She continues to work on her physical fitness and honest diet. But the fact that I was shocked is that because of high blood sugar, Lucy’s body suffered irreparable damage and her kidneys are working poorly, and worse, it most likely will not be able to have children.

She almost got rid of their complexes but is afraid to start a serious relationship with the boys. Although now she understands her mistakes and mistakes of her parents, which have led to such a state of her body, nothing can be changed. What is left to do that only to hope that her young organism will return a little after returning the physical form? I very much hope that her life will be in the best way and she will be able to live fully.

Lucy isn’t the only victim of this burning problem. Obesity today is becoming more and more dangerous. Obesity and overweight threaten the health of mankind this threat has causes and history of occurrence. In 2013, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said that 27.6% of US citizens are obese (we emphasize, not overweight, but actually obesity). An estimated 3/4 of the American population is likely to have overweight or obesity in 2020.

We can see the dynamics by way of example from several countries. The first discussions about the growth of overweight began in the 60’s of the twentieth century. In the 70’s the problem began to be studied extensively, in the 80’s was founded by the International Association for the Study of Obesity – IASO. However, in my opinion, our country is not serious about this issue.

Thousands of people even never thought about the reasons for this problem. According to the fact that Lucy’s problem gets interested me, I investigated it a bit and found out a few facts about obesity. In the modern world, there are a lot of stressful situations that cause obesity. The probable reasons for the rapid growth of overweight are also industrially processed foods. They are cheap, easy to use because they are ready or require minimal cooking effort.

At the same time, they contain preservatives, dyes, trans-isomers of fatty acids, and dozens of technologically necessary components, mostly synthesized. Another factor is the modern household chemistry, with which we come in contact every day, every hour and every minute, because everything we use, what we are wearing, on what we sleep – everything is processed with its application. What is important that overweight people are constantly in the “risk zone” with respect to hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus. Among overweight people, there were significantly more deaths from these diseases than among people with normal or reduced weight and it shows us a real danger.

How can we overcome this problem? First and foremost, we need to stop and look at our lifestyle. Ask yourself: «Is my life enough active? Do I have time to eat or again eat fast food for a breakfast? Do I use natural materials?» These few simple factors make us, our body, and affect our health. If people were more closely following their lifestyle, then this problem would not be so widespread. It is the duty of parents to monitor their children. In the case of my girlfriend, I first accuse her parents that did not stop the problem before it became so dangerous.

Unfortunately, in the situation with Lucy, the consequences of her problems were thought too late. But many people can still change their luck. We should think about this problem, help our friends and relatives if they face obesity. The more we know about the problem, the more likely it is to help people get rid of it.

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