Childhood Obesity in the American Nation

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Updated: Apr 28, 2020
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Childhood obesity is still rising in this nation. One out of three Americans is obese. The outlook for children is not much better, because adolescent obesity has quadrupled over the last thirty years. “As of 2012, almost 18 percent of children aged 6-11 years were obese”(Newman, 1). In spite of the way that the welfare effects on obesity are notable by the public, this force precedes undefeated. The image for youngsters isn’t much improved; in the course of recent years the rate of youth weight has multiplied, and pre-adult heftiness has quadrupled (Newman, 1). A recent study at the University of North Carolina and Wake Forest University brought more detail about the state of childhood obesity, and it was not looking well. Unfortunately, we found no decline in obesity in the United States from any age group from 2 through 19 years old, “says Ashley Skinner, Ph.D., who led the team of researchers”. Skinner and her team acquired their data from the National Examination Survey, this project that has years of data collected across many homes in America. This data revealed that children age 2-9, during 2013-2014, over 33% were overweight; and 17% were obese. These obese children will have health issues in the future., unless something radical changes in their in their eating patterns. Approximately 4.5 children and adolescents suffer from obesity and need new and rigorous efforts to help them toward a better lifestyle. Studies show that obesity in childhood associated with poor health and less of a lifespan as an adult.

Dr. Sarah Armstrong, from Duke University, confirms the studies findings because that’s what she sees every day. She does acknowledge changing your lifestyle is hard. Skinner really thinks her findings will affect change. This is a national health problem that requires a broad change in the way we eat. We need a better health care curriculum that includes physical education, access to community resources that have parks and walking trails. All those things together can work. Obesity will absolutely not go away by itself. The more information we can get out about the issue the better off we’ll be as a society.

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After reading this article I’m shocked at the statistics about obesity. It’s a very high rate of children being obese. It must be really hard being obese as a child. It takes away your self-esteem and athletic abilities. The article didn’t discuss in depth about what its like to be obese as a child. I have experienced kids in school getting picked on because they were overweight. Before reading this article I’ve never heard anything about obesity in depth. I would like to ask the author of the article why she didn’t interview teenagers about how it was to be obese as a child. Also, what causes some kids to have fast metabolism and others to have a slow metabolism? We should do more research on helping speed up the metabolic rate for slow metabolism.

After reading the article I understand more about this disease. The article has also taught me to start eating healthier now, so I will have a longer lifespan. I think if I talk to my friends and family about it, I can teach them what I’ve learned from this article, so that they will have a healthier lifestyle as well.

Childhood obesity falls under physiology and anatomy. The career path could be a physical scientists and or physician.

Childhood Obesity in the American Nation essay

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