In the World Today, Protest is a Major Thing in Society

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Updated: Aug 25, 2020
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“Protesting shows people, they will stick to what they want and believe they will change it. There are many ways of protesting and some of the ways change society today. People normally think other people who are protesting that they are delusional, doing it for fun, or maybe trying to get attention. But protesting is a serious thing and people didn’t click in yet of why people protest. Protesting is an important thing and protesting has made our country today. Without it, we would still be in a world today where people discriminate one another instead of coming together to help each other.

First, protesting has been going on for many years and it’s still going on today. But protesting just appeared out of nowhere, it was brought in as a sign that people want change for the present and for the future and no one was going to stop them. The revolutionary war was started because of protests around the states and lead to an American nation. Soon enough, the next century had the same issues like in the 1830’s. By in the 20th century, Black Americans fought back to receive the rights they were granted in the Civil War. Where we at right now in society today, people just don’t take walk for justice, they put things on social media to show the world why we need to have specific changes in society. Virtual Activism is a “variety of digital mediums” where people get their message out to the world about what changes they want on the internet, cell phones, proxy servers, blogs, and mostly social media. Some Virtual Activism has been successful, and some are getting there to that point. In other ways, social media hasmade a huge impact on protesting and had most importantly let people speak what was on their mind. (Sliwinski,2016)

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Additionally, protesting is not only about adults speaking their minds, its also about the students taking a chance and getting to be herd by other people. On February 14th, 2018, Parkland High school went through a terrible accident. Many students had died on a day that was supposedly be about love, but its about hate. In the honor on the school, students from Tucson High Magnet school did a walk out on National walkout day in honor of Parkland about gun violence and school safety. Before this ever happened, students fought for their rights with knives, stones, and fists. But when the 20th century came, American activism wasn’t going well and was being provincial. Students had testified to try to get it back, but it was getting worse. In the end, students didn’t give up on what they wanted, they kept fighting for what was right for them. (Jason,2018)

Furthermore, whether its women walking down the street, or today’s black lives matter march, marches in all have been slow and steady has been winning the race and it will keep going slow and steady and will show that peaceful protest movements are simply more effective. Nonviolent campaigns have been successful against government actions 46% of the time, that’s more than twice the success rate of their violent parts in protesting. Despite all the things going on today, nonviolent movements have been misunderstood to be a form of resistance, and not a powerful tool to make changes to society. An organization called the Nonviolent Peace force, are unarmed, paid civilian peacekeeping force that has worked in South Sudan and Sri Lanka, was inspired by Gandhi’s concept of “peace army” that they had created their own organization to show what an alternative to military interventions could look like it. Things like this can change the world and society today, people just must take it slow and steady. (Leber,2015)

Although, street protesting can make a difference in society, many people can think of a lot of ways protesting can’t make a difference in society. Almost half of the people in the United States think most rallies fail to make a difference or a significant change to society in either politics or public policies. In the summer of 2011, the Occupy Wall Street in Kuala Lumpur’s Dataran Merdeka, word spread quickly around. Soon enough, people were roaring around in central squares in nearly over 2,600 cities around the world. This organization was huge but in all, it didn’t work. They were very close, but in the end, they were short. In 2009, Anders Colding- jørgensen had created a facebook group to protest the demolition of the historic Stork Foundation in the Danish capital. The first week, ten thousand people joined. Two weeks after that, twenty-seven thousand people joined. But they weren’t going to destroy it. It was a test to prove that many extremely motivated people achieve so little by supporting rallies they don’t know so much about and loosing afterwards. People don’t realize that if they want to rally about something, they must learn more about it before they go and support it. That’s how many protesting rallies be losing. (Naìm,2014)

In addition, to have a good and outstanding march for what’s right, people will need organization, messaging, and most importantly nonviolence. With organization, protester must be organized in order to be smart and strong on what they believe in to push their goals. A group of college boys found out that after the tea party, it made political gains because of large groups stayed involved, that also gave them a little bit of media attention. With messaging, its most likely that for people to be on your side, you must persuade them. With persuading, you could do it through social media, or they can show their grievances and goals in a way that is like another topic like patriotism, or equally and freedom. Lastly with nonviolence, a study show that nonviolence movements are as twice more effective then violent ones. For example, a research from Princeton university had suggested that violent movements after the Martin Luther King jr.’s assassination had reduced the vote of democratic party in 1968. To be successful in marches, people need to look at these three things but most importantly, focus and succeeding at least one of these features because people will have a huge impact on marches in the future. (Mazunder,2016)

Moreover, there are steps to find your way through a successful social movement. One thing is to define what you want to change, by doing that you are making an affirmative case and expounding on what you want to happen. Like Gandhi, he wanted in independence from the British. When your clearly defining change, it’s a consistent theme in your movement. Another step is to shift the spectrum of allies. Try to figure out who you think in your own opinion who will be useful and who will be not because that is an important step in your progress. Afterwards, you need to get to know your pillars of power to figure the kind of change you need in order to support you statement. They can be either polices, the media, the school board, or other organizations. Once you learn them, you’ll know what you want. Lastly is to build you plan to victory. Once you got what you want, now it’s time to protest. Its important not to confuse the change you want with the changes you represent. When you do these steps. Its more easier to stand your ground and fight for what’s right.”

In the World Today, Protest is a Major Thing in Society essay

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