In Sexuality and Islam, Dialmy

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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In Sexuality and Islam, Dialmy (2010) explains the current view on human sexuality by Muslims. The author achieves this aim by describing the current sexual practices observed by Muslims, the extent to which the current practice differs from Islam sexual norms, and what the Sunna and Koran define as sexual norms. According to Dialmy’s (2010), sexual standards in Islam are contradictory. In one instance, texts in the Sunna and Koran encourage sexuality between man and woman, and on the other hand, the sexual standards discriminate homosexuality and heterosexuality, premarital and marital sexuality, and between female and male sexuality.

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Dialmy (2010) opines that Islamic sexual norms give men more rights to express their sexuality, but it forbids women on the same. It is permissible for a man to marry more than one wife, while it is unacceptable for women to have extramarital sex. Of note, however, it forbids homosexuality in both genders. Further, Dialmy (2010) points out that modernization and the current contradictory standards are for the constant changes in sexual practices between openness and oppression. As such, the Islamic perspective of sexuality is one characterized by complicated and restrictive sexual standards, which appear to be more severe for women than men.

Islamic View

Islam views sexuality in contradictory ways. For one, although it encourages sex between men and women, it appears that the former have more freedom than the latter. Prophet Mohammed encourages sex between a man and woman and encourages married couples to enjoy the pleasure. Nonetheless, the Sunna and Koran define sexual norms from a male point of view (Dialmy, 2010). For instance, men can marry as many as four wives and own sex slaves. Nonetheless, the Islamic view warns women from having sex out of the confines of their marriage (Dialmy, 2010). It is also of note that Islam’s view of sexuality is dependent on ancient norms. For instance, Arab countries are intolerant of modern sexual practices and discouraged have Muslims from engaging in contemporary practices and women are liable for humiliation and punishment if they disobey the established norms (Dialmy, 2010).

Understanding of Various Views of Sexuality

Reviewing the Islamic view on sexuality was invaluable in my understanding of the various perspectives of sexuality. For one, the perspective gave me a better understanding of how human sexuality reflects religious practices and beliefs. By being a Christian, I am more familiar with the Christian view of sexuality. However, a review of a different religion as described in the article by Dialmy (2010) gave me a wider understanding of how religion is responsible for different sexual norms and practices. At this juncture, I have a better understanding of why Muslims would have different sexual behaviors from other individuals.

Importance of Human Sexuality

Overall, the importance of understanding the various influences on our views of human sexuality is uncontested. Broadly, understanding the effects of specific practices on our view of sexuality is essential as it helps us understand ourselves and other people better. According to Schnabel (2018), understanding the various influences might help individuals realize they are different from other people. It is also important in understanding one’s fantasies, attitudes, relationship, roles, and desires (Schnabel, 2018). In effect, such realization might be instrumental in our understanding of why sexuality manifests itself in socio-cultural, emotional, physical, and biological ways. Beyond understanding oneself, the knowledge helps one understand other individuals better. By understanding why other human beings act and respond in specific ways, we gain a better understanding of life and the society. Therefore, there is value in understanding the different factors that influence our sexuality.

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