Importance of Social Media  

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The media platform grants individuals the ability to retrieve worldwide information much more effortlessly and rapidly, and by having smaller,.bite-sized.chunks of information it makes it easier for people to digest and disclose it to one another. Using social media, such as posting tweets to Twitter or videos to YouTube, makes the information more relatable, personable and convincing for networking purposes and politicians. Issues get resolved much quicker when the audience and you have built a direct connection.

In this era social media is a fundamental necessity in communication. With social media we can now interact with people all over the universe. Social media “can be a form for freedom and openness” (Standage 1). A more open media environment makes it easier for people to have a voice. Parents, students, teachers, can now express their political views, social views more openly and freely and find people with the same views and values as themselves. Not only can we communicate all over the world with social media, but also with foreigners. For instance, a foreigner needs assistance in a local grocery store, with apps such as Google Translate, assistance becomes effortless.

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Social platforms have allowed students to excel in their literary work for school. Although, many professors such as John Sutherland believe due to social media we live in an “age of illiteracy” (Thompson 2). On the other hand, Andrea Lunsford, a professor of writing and rhetoric at Stanford University, with numerous hours and days of research, states that we are in the midst of a “literacy revolution” (Thompson 3). Technology is enhancing, not killing, our ability to write. Prior to the digital world, most Americans barely wrote outside the classroom. According to Professor Lunsford after the onset of social media usage “a stunning 38 percent” (Thompson 4) increase took place on writing outside the classroom. All the socializing that takes place online is pushing our literacy skills in bold new directions. Social media is clearly making students into better scholars through the media environment. When posting or reading quotes and tweets, it gives students opportunities to empower themselves and learn new vocabulary, helping them excel in their writing.

The ways that politicians are expressing their views and values are changing with the help of social media. YouTube grants individuals to “fuel a new meritocracy for political coverage,” (Grove 3) meaning more political chatters would occur amongst people internationally. Now, with the help of the media environment, voters can connect with candidates and the news media in ways that have never been seen before such as announcing the dates of political rallies and other events. Politics is not bound by “traditional barriers” (Grove 4) of “space and time” anymore. Anyone can engage in the discussion occurring at any given time of the day as long as they have access to the platform. Research done by the Pew Internet & American Life founder shows that “37 percent of adult internet users have watched online news” (Gove 7). Approximately each day hundreds of millions of videos on the news are viewed. By posting videos on social media, Presidents can spread awareness and severities of many pressing issues more efficiently.

Social networking is all about having an open dialogue with users and interactions as well . With the aid of social media humanizing a brand and building an authentic relationship with your community is possible. The distance from your audience shortens, especially when it is addressed from an account that is personal. Social branding helps enhance customer productivity. By advertising your business on various social media platforms potential customers get drawn in, allowing for an increase in sales. With nearly half of the world’s population using social media brand awareness definitely increases. Social networking sites are spreading the “mesh of interconnection even wider,” (Deresiewicz 1) people are now trusting businesses and companies faster than ever due to social networking. According to David Brooks, “our decision-making is powerfully influenced by social context” (Deresiewicz 18). Social networking allows for an individual to get more relevant people into their sales feed by building trust. Instagrams is a promising app that will help build your business, as the app enables you to capture and post the best pictures and or logos to promote your business, allowing for loyal customers to rally in.

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