Importance of Social Media

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Updated: Feb 09, 2022
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Importance of Social Media essay

Social media is one of the world’s most popular ideas, roughly about 40% of the world’s population uses some sort of social media, and that percentage has been rapidly growing ever since it was first introduced. Whether social media is a positive or a negative thing is where the question lies. Social media is an overall positive thing due to the fact that it connects different people from all over the world and allows easier access to spreading your ideas and beliefs to people all over the world in a matter of seconds.

Although it is a positive experience for most, you should be careful when using social media. Sometimes it can be used as a weapon to hurt people. IT is easy for people to attack others using social media platforms because they don’t have to do it face-to-face and they can hind behind the walls of their own bedroom. People who use social media to communicate on a daily basis may lack certain social skills that are necessary in public scenarios. Furthermore, Social media could make simple messages turn into a message totally different, therefore, you must learn how to interpret properly when reading on these social spaces. Cyber bullying is also a big threat when it comes to young kids using social platforms like Facebook and twitter. It can become a scary place when there are mentally disturbed people stalking young kids or hateful teenagers trying to make a rival embarrassed or upset. On the positive side to that, the anger is tempered by the distance and helps to avoid physical attacks.

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Social media allows you to express yourself however you want. You can read your post and correct them and helps you to say exactly what you want to say without interruption and it allows you to proof what you say before you say it. Social networks can work as an important tool in marketing your skills and in seeking opportunities, sometimes sharing your achievements and emotions to the world, and other times using it as a tool to gain education by constantly reading and understanding different cultures and opinions. Providing a stable platform for spreading any information that comes to mind, which could also be a bad thing. Social media can be an effective tool if you avoid the negative aspects of it and just focus on what’s important and spread the word.

When people connect positively on a social media platform, the productive uses of social media can be noticed as people with common values exchange information with each other. This means people can eventually create communities that will better their life as they get together and fight for a cause or just support each other in difficult times. For instance, a group of people searching to better the environment can start a ‘Clean L LBJ’ group. Creating this group will allow people to recognize their own ability and how they can impact change. Everything is easier when you are supported by others and when you feel you are not alone. There are power in numbers and with social media those numbers can grow substantially overnight or even in as little as a few hours. Once a group of people with common goals and interests is formed they can begin fighting causes together.

Facebook is a social media powerhouse and was the very first platforms to introduce itself to the world. Facebook allows you to post pictures, videos, and texts out to the world and allows for feedback as people can comment or share and write more about the posts they view. For this reason, business recognition is used very much in Facebook as it is a very effective way of promoting and advertising your brand, whereas advertising via television or on the radio can cost thousands of dollars. Social media makes globalization possible and inside of a companies budget. Social media marketing has changed the way companies communicate to their buyers.

Another increasingly popular social site is Instagram, where people from all different parts of the world share videos and pictures with their followers. Let’s say you are bored and are trying to get a good laugh, all you have to do is type in ‘funny’ and before you know it there are multiple pages that you have access to and can go ahead and enjoy a few moments of funny videos/posts. People are now using these platforms to make money by becoming “influencers”. Celebrities use social media to gain notoriety and can earn hundreds and thousands of dollars by posting just one simple picture of their daily life using a certain brand or product.

Overall, I believe social media is a positive addition to our daily lives. It is important to use it in a positive way and not to abuse it. Uses such as online communities and promoting businesses is a very useful aspect in social spaces. Social media allows you to connect with all types of people and educates you with news from all over the world, depending on your profile and what you would like to know. As of now there are approximately 2.5 billion social media users currently and expected to jump up to 2.77 billion come 2019. Effectively using social spaces can lead to a very positive outcome, as long as you are careful not to believe everything you see, use it responsibly and pay attention to who you are interacting with.

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