I See a Policeman and i Get Scared how to Cope with Fear

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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What happened?

The police beat people at rallies, come with searches, and force people onto the floor face-down; they torture them in the offices, as presented in American or Russian TV shows. There are more than one or two reasons to be afraid of police officers. Therefore, the topic is relevant: how to cope with such fear, and what to do if you feel a strong fear when you see a police officer, even if you are not doing anything illegal.

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There is no point in taking away from fear at all; it is just that fear can be both useful and harmful. The former will help you be on your guard in case of danger, and the latter, excessive and baseless, will only hinder. This excessive fear is called dysfunctional. It should be converted into useful and healthy anxiety, also known as functional.

Functional fear: In duration and intensity, it corresponds to a real danger. It helps you to gather yourself, reason rationally, and ensure your thoughts correspond to the facts. This type of fear protects you.

Dysfunctional fear is accompanied by a belief in irrational thoughts that are far removed from reality.

If fear is dysfunctional, what should we do with it?

In general, it can help to simply observe your emotions and thoughts as if from the outside with the aid of mindfulness practices. To do this, you need to observe your fear without judgment: noticing how your heart beats, your breathing quickens, and negative thoughts appear. Often, this is enough for the fear to pass or decrease. Perhaps, after regular practice, it will occur much less in situations where there is no serious reason for it.

What if it doesn’t help?

Then, you can try to turn a meaningless fear into a healthy one.

There are three aspects of dysfunctional anxiety in thinking. On one hand, it is an exaggeration of the probability of the worst outcome, a cognitive distortion. On the other, it is the rejection of it – “It should not be with me!” The perception of it as disastrous – “It is terrible!” – and unbearable – “I can’t stand it, I can’t bear it!” The third point is the merging with these thoughts.

Accordingly, there are three strategies for managing anxiety. The first is to check thoughts about the probability and severity of the event. The second involves challenging the irrational idea that a bad outcome is an absolute disaster, unacceptable, and intolerable. And the third strategy is observing anxiety, bodily sensations, and thoughts “from the outside,” that is, the practice of mindfulness.

You can learn to think about it more calmly and not so dramatically. Then, depending on the situation, you will either be calm or experience a healthy anxiety that will help you, not hinder you.

What else can I do?

• Take reasonable measures to control the situation (study your rights, find a lawyer, and so on).

• Use applied relaxation, which is based on the tension and relaxation of the muscles.

Be physically active.

• Limit the use of caffeine.


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