Human Resource Basics

Unemployment is one of the hot issues which gets ubiquitous in the present still-sluggish economic world. In the news, issues to do with employment appears upon the silver screen. Companies tend to fire its employees for different reasons (Musella, 2018).

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In the actual sense terminating the firing of an employee has got its consequences if the right method is not used. Though “employment-at-will” technique offers employers the right to terminate the employees at their disposal on discretion, it cannot be assumed that they have to do it at their will. This conceptual paper supports the idea that firing someone with dignity is an oxymoron. Firing an individual with dignity may be costly if done in the wrong way. This may result in the firm paying high amounts of legal fees.

In every particular country, there exist federal as well as state laws that tend to protect the employer from terminating or firing the employees without any concrete reasons. The firm should understand the law precisely as well as documentation that are required. The employee has got the right band freedom to file a lawsuit in case he or she feels dissatisfied. This may cost the firm a lot. If for any case, the firing is not done with any kind of due diligence, there is a high risk of losing some property as well as files. It is wise to make sure that the fired employee is not in a position to access the information or the files of the company for instance password. If for a certain case the employee does not come back to the firm, the company may end up losing the data and files that are used in the firm. To retrieve the files may be costly to the firm (Jurkiewicz et al, 2016).

On top of that, firing an employee who has got dignity is totally an oxymoron due to the fact it may affect the personal life of an individual. In order to revenge against the firm, the employee may decide to damage the image of the firm negatively. On top of that, the offended employee may decide to disclose the confidential information of the firm. The information can be disclosed to its competitors and thus affect the organization negatively. This tends to offer the competitor with a certain kind of competitive advantage. To replace a fired employee is quite a hectic process for a firm. It requires the company to make an advertisement, offer better packages and even conduct interviews in order to make sure that the new employee will deliver better than the one fired. In order to make sure that the work continues, the functions of the terminated employee will be done by other workers and this may be hectic to them. It would also need time to hire the position. Despite that, it would also need a time for the new employee to adapt to the new role. This is the real sense would cost the performance of the firm (Mohammed et al, 2017).

An employer who abruptly decides to fire an employee without any kind of cognitive reason is actually terrible. There is no need to fire someone when you are angry. It is good to take time and make clear arrangement before you make the firing decisions. Despite that, it is good to have a better document performance in order to have evidence of the decision meeting. It is also important to inform the employee about performance evaluations as well as sent warnings that there is a reason to fire the employee. If the termination is due to downsizing then it is not good to hide the reason to the employee. Make sure that in recent future you will not be looking for a replacement for space. In order to encourage dignity, it is good to fire the employee with what they admit to having already done but not that he has not done already. Let the facts be concrete before any kind of termination.

On top of that, it is good to make use of a team to inform the employee. The team should consist of a person that has got authority in the management of the organization. In order to have a certain degree of professionalism, it is essential to offer a letter of termination in order to explain the general reason for the firing. In order to reduce any chances of laws suits, it is good to offer what the individual owes to the company in terms of wages and commission. It also good to terminate the firing in a conference room. The employee in most cases would need to go in detail at every step that provides the reason for firing and thus it is good to have it take in a neutral ground. This will offer the employee confidence to question out. Moreover, it is not necessary to provide an avenue for debate but a letter is enough. It also necessary to consider a severance package. Then finally, remind the employee of any obligation that he or she holds to the company. Then make a deep analysis of the post-termination consideration of the firing that is it is good for the firing to remain confidential between the employer and the employee because it may cost a lot (Mohammed et al, 2017).

It is normal for the rest of employees to feel threatened about their job security when a particular colleague jobs are terminated. The employee termination tends to create a certain tension due to the fact that the rest of employees feel they may be the next victim of circumstances. Some of the employees will be affected psychology and if they are not in a position to manage the stress they can automatically resign. This is a clear indication that firing an employee can eventually affect the others mentally and this may lead to poor performance as well as retaliation in the firm.

It is thus necessary to understand the employees’ rights as it may lead to high costs in a firm for instance advertisements for replacements among others. Therefore, a company should be ready to face the consequences it has to incur all the cost. It is therefore not good at all to fire any person without any concrete reason that may affect the performance of the rest of the workers (Palgrave, 2017). Therefore, it is an oxymoron to fire an individual from a particular. Though there may be an advantage to the firm in the real sense the cost to do with termination.

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