How was British India Divided into India and Pakistan

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The first officially recorded meeting of the Indian National Congress was held in 1885. The Muslim League was made because of the British Government attempts to split the province of Bengal along religious lines. which had collapsed in the face of the vehement opposition led by the Indian National Congress.

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The Muslim League had been made to protect the rights of the Muslims in case any decisive actions of the British. formed as an opposition to the Indian National Congress, the Muslim league had mostly agreed with the Indian National Congress.

India had given the British one million Indian soldiers hoping that the helpful actions might finally translate into political leniency on the part of the British, which could even result in independence of the nation. The moves were cleared by both the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League, they were very very wrong. Following the atrocities done by the British in Amritsar in 1919, where the British had opened fire on an unarmed assemblage protesting against the British Regime in India, which had claimed more than thousand lives, the political scenario had changed drastically.

The 1930s had witnessed millions of people without previous political inclinations signing up with Indian National Congress. and the Muslim League. Mohandas Gandhi, who had become a prominent and leading personality in the Indian National Congress., had always wanted to united India with no problems between the Hindus and the Muslims. But other members of the Indian National Congress had decided not to join the Muslim League in a political fight to rip the British from India. That had made the Muslim League to think in terms of a separate nation for the Muslims.

During the British regime in India, the Muslims comprised of about 25% of the total population of the country. But the racial discrimination between the Hindus and Muslims were getting worse. The Muslims, though differing in ethnic traits and language were spread across the country, especially in the erstwhile Bengal and Punjab regions where they had formed a majority of the population. The Muslims also varied in their societal and economic status ranging from solvent businessmen to urban and the rural poor class. However, the religious differences between the Hindus and Muslims, despite their coexistence, had been marked. The Muslims were strict adherers to the doctrine of one God (Monotheists), as dictated by their religious text Quoran, while the Hindus were polytheists and idolaters with their religious text – the Bhagavad Gita.

Such religious differences also translated into sharp social differences. Despite being neighbors, they refrained from eating or studying together. Even separate waters were allocated to the Hindus and Muslims while travelling, for instance, on train journeys. Intermarriage was strictly prohibited. While cows were preached by the Hindus, beef happened to be the staple meat for the Muslims. India was at the eve of its freedom from the British rule and all set to create its own government and constitution.

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