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The community of immigrants is those who have suffered the most from diabetes. This disease becomes a complication for immigrants by not having an education on how to prevent or control diabetes and the environment in which they live. Diabetes is a disease that develops due to an increased concentration of glucose in the blood and that prevents insulin from working properly. Is there any way to prevent this disease? The answer is YES!, There is a way to prevent diabetes. There are many factors that influence the development of this disease and that is why it is a very controversial topic. Professionals say that diabetes is caused by viruses that attack hormonal cells and by insulin resistance. In many cases, people can develop this disease due to these causes, but to be sustainable the truth is that their lifestyle is the influence and the biggest cause of immigrants developing this disease. This search can be challenging for those who have thought that there is no way to prevent diabetes or who have followed the wrong education on how to manage this disease. So it is a priority to educate immigrants and all people that food, the economy, and family history are major causes of this disease. Immigrants must be aware that this is a serious disease and that with a healthy lifestyle the probability of suffering the consequences of diabetes such as amputation, arterial, cholesterol, and visual problems can be reduced by changing their lifestyle.

The risk of diabetes increases when we are not careful with what we eat. Immigrants are people who work very hard and with very large families, that’s why they are one of the population that consumes the most fast food. Immigrants do not have a balanced diet that can keep their blood sugar level stable. The article titled, “Hispanic / Latino Americans and Type 2 Diabetes” from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, September 15, 2019. “In some Hispanic / Latino cultures, foods can be high in fat and calories. Also, family celebrations may involve social pressure to overeat, and turning down food could be seen as impolite ”(Hispanic / Latino). Through this article we can see that it is evident that immigrants consume large meals in calories that do not help prevent diabetes, causing them a greater risk of suffering from this disease. These foods are much worse for people who already have diabetes because a lack of education in their foods can lead to death. The article titled, “Simple Steps to Preventing Diabetes” from Harvard T.H. Chan, 22 July 2019, gives us very important information about the nutrition that we must follow. Experts at the nutrition source said, ‘Whole grains are also rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that may help reduce the risk of diabetes’ (Simple Steps). The article explains that consuming foods like whole grains is essential to control the complications of diabetes. It is necessary to take advantage of all those whole grains is the best incorporation to live healthily. Also, I wanted to discount an informant who can help a lot when doing our shopping and considering the food we share with our families. ‘In contrast, white bread, white rice, mashed potatoes, donuts, bagels, and many breakfast cereals have what’s called a high glycemic index and glycemic load. That means they cause sustained spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels, which in turn may lead to increased diabetes risk ”(Simple Steps). Imagine all this food every day on our plate, not only does it increase blood sugar, but we are allowing us to develop a chronic disease.

Also, it is necessary for the Hispanic community to take into account physical activity because it helps reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Physical activity also contributes to having an ideal weight, and this is important because if we go beyond our ideal weight it is safe to contract a disease such as diabetes, among others. We must always keep in mind that we must leave a small space to do a little physical activity and this is recommended for people of all ages because all people are prone to developing diabetes. The article titled, “Nutritionists Cater Healthy Eating Programs to Immigrants” from WNYC / New York Public Radio, March 14, 2012.

“According to McGeough, many immigrants eat the same amount of food as they did in their home country, but are less active once in the U.S., while others give up traditional foods and switch to the many convenient andeasy-to-access foods available in the States. This can increase waistlines, as well as the chance of developing diabetes ”(Nutritionists Cater).

This article explains how once the Hispanic community arrives in the United States they abandon their food and lifestyle and acquire an easier way of eating but more destructive to their health. Lack of physical activity is necessary to control and prevent diabetes. It is necessary for Hispanics not to stop exercising even three to four days a week for better health.

The first step to learn to control diabetes in a moderate and non-excessive way that can cause a greater problem in our health. That said, it is important for immigrants to know that sugar is not only controlled by taking insulin or taking many medications. It is also very important to consider the support people should have for each other in their families. Ideally, the person diagnosed with diabetes has a medical check-up, but if it is not possible, as in many of the cases it occurs in immigrants, it is vitally important to recognize the symptoms or to know which health place to attend so they can provide the care. In the article titled, “Challenges for Immigrants health in the USA-the Road to Crisis” from Lancet, May 25, 2019, by Kullar and Chokshi. The writers said,

“In recent decades, several policy and regulatory changes have worsened health-care quality and access for immigrant populations. These changes include restrictions on access to public health insurance programmes, rhetoric discouraging the use of social services, aggressive immigration enforcement activities, intimidation within health-caresettings, decreased caps on the number of admitted refugees, and rescission of protections from deportation” ( Khullar and Chokshi).

They explain that immigrants do not have access to health and that it is not possible for them to make use of public clinics due to their immigration status in the country. Diabetes is something that has been affecting the Hispanic community and in all that time without a visit to the doctor, it is very dangerous. These obstacles prevent families from having adequate health care. With the immigration status for Hispanics, it is already difficult to apply for health insurance, to this we must add the economic infringement that they have, impossible for them to carry out a medical control for their family. In the article titled, “Understanding the Growing Epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes in the Hispanic Population Living in the United States” from Diabetes Metabolism Research and Review, February 2019 by Mazzucato and Cristina. The writers said,

“Hispanics have a lower than average median household income ($ 47 675 vs. $59 039), 21 increased poverty rates (for example, 7.6% vs. 5.8% are under 50%of poverty threshold), and lack of health insurance ( 24.4% of Hispanics vs 14.9% of all other races are not insured) (Figure 1B). This means that the Hispanic population is at higher than the national average risk of not preventing or treating diseases such as diabetes and their complications in a timely manner ”(Mazzucato and Cristina).

The economy affects the Hispanic community in a big way, its test level is even lower than the test average which is 50%. These circumstances do not allow them to have medical attention in which they can treat diabetes. This becomes even more dangerous for the Hispanic community because, in an emergency need for diabetes, these people can be attended in hospitals but they prefer not to go because they cannot cover the amount of money they must pay. It is necessary then to be careful with diabetes because this can have dangerous consequences for people who have this disease.

Having a medical control is very important for parents and children. Having discussed some of the obstacles for the Hispanic community, it is important to know that there are some programs that can be attended and in which we will not have to pay a large amount of money. These programs focus on being able to provide the necessary services for immigrants so that they can keep their diseases in control. In the article titled, “A New Clinic at Children’s National Hospital treats undocumented Kids with Diabetes. But they’re hesitate to seek care ”from The Washington Post, October 25, 2019 by Marissa J. Lang. She said, ”They could receive free care from doctors, nurses, nutritionists, she explained. They could finally get their children’s diabetes under control. All they had to do was show up ”(Lang.) It is important to know these things to help our family, to know how to feed them and how we can prevent diabetes or have it under control. In this clinic you can receive the help you need to have a better understanding of this disease.

It is very important for the Hispanic community to be aware that if any family member has diabetes, their children will be prediabetic. If there is no care in the family, children can develop this disease at an early age. In the article titled, “Risk of Developing Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes Over Time in a Cohort of Mexican Health Workers” from PloS one, March 25, 2020 by Flores and Toth. The writers said, “Family history and hereditary factors are associated with an increased likelihood of developing diabetes, but additional risk factors, such as environmental and lifestyle choices, can also play a strong role” (Flores and Toth). It is very important to know and have knowledge that if there is a member of our family with diabetes, the other members of the family are exposed to developing this serious disease. It is essential that parents know how to help the whole family prevent this disease by leading a better lifestyle. In these families must be very responsible so that they help their children to develop in a healthy and healthy way.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that the Hispanic community has been struggling with and it is very important that we educate us to improve our health. Having said the causes of diabetes it is also very important that we learn to recognize the treatments so that people can treat this disease in time. Our lifestyle must change to get the best result because when we arrive in an unfamiliar country like the United States your diet is different, you no longer have the same economic opportunities, and the risks that your family is ill are higher. The article entitled, “The Prevention and Control the Type-2 Diabetes by Changing lifestyle and Dietary Pattern” from Journal Education Health Promotion, February 21, 2014, by Asif Muhammad. The author said, “The dietary pattern emphasizes consumption of fat primarily from foods high in unsaturated fatty acids, and encourages daily consumption of fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, and whole grains, low consumption of fish, poultry, tree nuts, legumes, very less consumption of red meat” (Mohammad). Balancing our diet will help us that sugar levels do not shoot up, so these foods are recommended so that our sugar level works properly. Exercising is highly recommended by nutritionists so that our body works in a better way to regulate our sugar level and helps prevent other diseases. “Regular physical activity helps the body cells take up glucose and thus lower blood glucose levels.

Regular physical activity also helps with weight loss and controlling blood cholesterol and blood pressure ”(Mahammad). This series of recommendations give us a better understanding of how to manage a better lifestyle. This will also help us not to have to go to the hospital in an emergency and we are afraid of paying an enormous amount of money to be treated. It is important to know these indications and abide by them for better health for our families in the Hispanic community. Not having knowledge of diabetes can lead to a more serious complication in our life because it can lead us to do our treatment in the wrong way. When my father was diagnosed with diabetes he has to change his diet. My mother went with him to a program that some clinics have and provide some classes with a nutritionist and the nutritionist advice her to change the diet for all of the family because that would help to help my father to have his diabetes under control. Also, it will help the family to prevent diabetes. But, before my mother went to those classes my father waste a huge amount of money because he went to emergency to the hospital and he does not have an insure. My mother heard of a program that help the hispanic community and she went to ask if my father could apply and he did. All the education my parents received in the clinic have help him to know how to take his medications, have a diet and what kind of activities he could do. In addition, he had not went to the hospital for an emergency, and that is why is so important to be educate about diabetes and know where to go.

This disease has many causes, which we can learn to manage in our lifestyle. However, other people believe that diabetes is caused by viruses that affect our immune system. In the article titled, “Enterovirus and Type of Diabetes: What is the Matter? ” from World Journal Diabetes by Bergamin and Atala, June 25, 2015. The writers said, “Recent studies using different approaches have suggested that the most promising candidates for viral triggers with clinically significant associations with T1DM development are enteroviruses” (Bergamin and Atala). They believe that enteroviruses are one of the factors that increase the possibility of developing diabetes. The next article title, “what if we’re Wrong about Diabetes” from TED by Peter Attia, June 25, 2013. Peter a surgeon and has a medical career said,“ Once you’re insulin resistant, you’re on your way to getting diabetes, which is what happens when your pancreas can’t keep up with the resistance and make enough insulin ”(Attia).

In this study, researchers suggest that enteroviruses and insulin resistance are causes of developing diabetes when they attack our immune system. However, when we maintain a healthy diet and a better lifestyle, we can take care of our immune system and even more important to prevent diabetes. Maintaining a balanced diet in which you can bring to your body foods full of healthy carbohydrates is recommended by scientists. This means that if our diet is based only on eating fast food we will develop diabetes and that is why food is one of the causes of this disease. Furthermore, studies do not prove that enteroviruses and insulin resistance are the causes of diabetes. The reasons why the immigrant community develops diabetes is because they do not consume healthy food and because they are affected by the economy and family background.

Immigrants have been fighting everyday with diabetes and their complication not only in their health but in their life. Lifestyle had been found to be the reasons why they are the victims of this disease. The causes that developed diabetes in the immigrant community had been the food, the economy and the family background. The education about diabetes is very important for the immigration in the United States to prevent and control diabetes. As it has been show the hispanic population need to do a change in their lives to help all their families and prevent more diseases in the future. It may be scared to ask for help in a country that you do not know and where you status migratory is illegally but there are places where the hispanic community can be treated with diabetes. Being educated with this disease will help the hispanic community to complications in their life, health family and with their economy.  

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