Homosexual Marriage is Legal

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Gay rights has been a very popular topic for who knows how long, and are now being addressed. It is becoming a bigger topic to discuss about everyday. A lot of individuals don’t approve it, but some may. There is so much diversity when it comes to gay rights. It’s said that gay marriage is on its way to becoming legal and legally recognized as a legitimate marriage in all states, giving homosexual men and women equal rights as heterosexual men and women.

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Although, even if homosexual marriage is legal all over the world, regardless if it is accepted is another vision. It might be in law that it will be legal, but it does not mean that the public will agree with whether it is okay in their opinions. Homophobia are one of the most worse discriminations that are today. A lot of individuals don’t have a open mind. Some could say that it is even comparable to racism, such as when African Americans gained their rights to citizenship and the equality of white men in America. In some way of form I think this may not be one of the reasons why individuals choose to be with the same sex. The similarity is the social stigma was generally turned toward a negative standpoint, as some say, especially in the southern regions of the country. Racism stemmed from white people fearing black people, just as it is for any other race in our country.

In a conducted experiment designed to investigate the idea between a possible association in homophobia and homosexuality, researchers studied the sexual arousal demonstrated specifically by homophobic men alongside non-homophobic men as a result of being presented sexually, stimulating material of different types. The main purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between homophobia and latent homosexuality, while the main hypothesis of the study was to test a theory to see whether homophobic men show more sexual arousal when presented homosexual materials over non-homophobic men. To my knowledge, I don’t see nothing wrong with individuals loving each others kind. We are all humans that need love and affection regardless if it is a man or a woman. Sometimes individuals that are with their own kind are much more happier than people who are with the opposite.

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