Reasons why Hamlet is not Insane

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Reasons why Hamlet is not Insane

This essay will argue against the notion that Hamlet is insane in Shakespeare’s play. It will present reasons and evidence suggesting that his actions and thoughts are a result of strategic planning and profound emotional distress rather than madness. On PapersOwl, there’s also a selection of free essay templates associated with Hamlet.

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Though it may seem that Hamlet looks insane sometimes but in reality Hamlet is not insane. Hamlet is trying to seek the revenge that his father wants him to get. The insanity the people think they see in Hamlet, is what Hamlet sees himself as quandaring on what to do. Seeking revenge is hard for Hamlet to do, in the since he is going to end up killing his mother’s lover, but on the other hand his father’s killer.

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Hamlet is naturally appalled to find himself failing to play the prescribed royal part of righteous, avenging son., Hamlet feels that he can’t pursue his father’s position. Hamlet, finds himself struggling to stick to the script to revenge, but keeps himself sane. Noticing that Hamlet quandaring on what to about getting revenge can show that he’s not insane. His suicidal reluctance to avenge his father, is his restrained desire for his mother’s lover, he would be killing someone like himself if he killed Claudius. For that his mother’s lover is the killer of his father. There would be no reason to ask Hamlet why would he question or consider killing his mother’s lover. He, himself is puzzled by all of what has happened, so he wouldn’t be able to act in a way that would be necessary. The murderer Claudius, leaves Hamlet no option to take things in his own hands to get the revenge his father has asked him to do.

Hamlet is very unpredictable; one never knows whether he will respond seriously or sarcastically, loudly or softly, calmly or enraged. Hamlet does seem to be the kind to be unpredictable. Hamlet’s character itself, you never know how he reacts. This doesn’t mean that he is insane, he doesn’t know how to react in a situation dealing with murder. It’s not insanity when he is trying to protect someone he cares about; that could be in trouble with her new lover. Her new lover may make her seem like he cares for and loves her, but in reality he doesn’t. He cares about his mother and he doesn’t want her getting hurt by Claudius. The only way to do this would be revenge by killing him for his father. Hamlet may seem insane when he can’t get his mother to pay him any attention to tell her what may happen or what happened. People may take this as he is insane treating his mother this way.

Hamlet is plunged into anguish at the thought of his father being replaced in his mother’s affections by someone else.. Hamlet feels that he has been replaced by his mother’s new lover, since he was up next for the throne. Hamlet feels that his father was betrayed by his own brother. Even though Hamlet knew that he couldn’t pursue the same footsteps as his father, he wouldn’t want someone else in his own family to take it instead. Hamlet himself feels betrayed by his own mother, that she wouldn’t believe her on son in a time where she needs to realize that she would end up getting hurt in the end. But Hamlet keeps himself from being insane, even though he is hurt inside and is a little angry. There is nothing he can do about it now but seek revenge on Claudius, as for his father told him to do.The question of the madness of Hamlet, whether it was real or feigned, has the same and greater difficulties in the way of its solutions.

Proof That Hamlet is Not Mad

Hamlet has been questioned by many writers and readers for his or what people think is his madness. He may seem mad at Claudius for killing his father and he may seem mad at his mother for choosing Claudius and not realizing that he is the one who killed King Hamlet. Hamlet’s madness may seem real to some and not to others, he could be taken as being extremely mad but that doesn’t make him insane. Insanity should be taken as he couldn’t take it no more and he just had to kill himself. Even though he considered suicide, doesn’t make him insane. Insane is another level than madness. Hamlet’s madness didn’t get to a point where it got him in trouble even though he ended up killing Polonius, but that was Polonius’s fought. may appear that his behavior is abnormal or even bordering on crazy, Hamlet is simply a man dealing with an impossible situation, attempting to please the ghost of his father, and right the wrongs around him.. Hamlet is pressured with everything going on around him, may make him a little crazy at times. Hamlet wants to please his father, which is the ghost, so he is desperately trying to get back at Claudius. Everyone by the end of play ends up getting a little bit out of control, realizing when they’re in a situation that is unsolved, or they don’t know what to think. Hamlet may not be insane, but he gets a little crazy when things start to get out of hand.

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