Good Time Management Motivates me to Take Control my Time and Schedule

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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I believe that I possess multiple traits that will enhance my education and future career. Throughout my student years, I have demonstrated qualities of self-drive, leadership, character, and good time management. I am a hard worker and a stellar role model who consistently seeks to help others. With those traits, I plan to further my education in pursuit of my future career.

Self-drive means that you are motivated to accomplish something without an external reward. In school and outside school, you are expected to maintain your attendance, workload, and engagement.

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I am able to motivate myself and have a strong desire to learn. I push myself to engage in class and do the best that I can in my studies. Outstanding students do more than what is recommended and that’s exactly what I strive to do, to be the absolute best I can be.

In addition to self-drive, I am definitely considered a leader. I strive to serve as a leader and use my knowledge to help both myself and others. Leadership to me doesn’t just mean the ability to lead one person, but rather, being a person with the ability to guide or direct a group. Leading Halloween hikes for the Guthrie County Conservation, teaching Sunday school, and being a Vacation Bible School crew leader have helped me further my leadership skills throughout the community and school. When participating in activities where I am a leader, I make sure to listen to and work with my peers. As a leader, I hope to prove myself to be a good mentor for those who seek help.

I consider myself a person of great character because I have a positive attitude and excellent communication skills. I understand the importance of always doing my best, respecting everyone, and celebrating the differences that unite us. I believe I possess key qualities that will help me succeed in life: caring for others and lending a hand whenever necessary. I demonstrate respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship not just in the community, but also at school and home.

Lastly, I believe I possess good time management skills because I am able to plan my classes and have enough time to work on assignments. I take time to organize my thoughts and stay prepared. I try to plan ahead and anticipate obstacles. Good time management motivates me to take control of my time and schedule. I use due dates to monitor progress and a planner to record dates for the completion of tasks. In conclusion, I believe I demonstrate self-drive, leadership, character, and good time management, which will further my education and future career. Thank you for your consideration.

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