GMO the Biological Weapon

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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GMO the Biological Weapon

Taking a critical stance, this essay delves into the controversies surrounding GMOs, presenting them as potential ‘biological weapons’. It explores the environmental, health, and ethical concerns arising from GMO practices and highlights the potential risks and consequences of unchecked genetic modifications. At PapersOwl too, you can discover numerous free essay illustrations related to Genetic Engineering topic.

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I really believe that people don’t have to eat healthy; they just have to know what they are eating, and then they’ll each better. That is really the movement we are behind (Musk)Do we really know what we eat? Does people know what GMO is, and how harmful they are for us? The truth is most of us does not read the tiny shrift on the labels. We buy products based on the marketing. Furthermore, we are constantly being used as a lab mises from the food chain companies, who are waiting to discover new disease and make money from research and treatments.

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Genetically modified organisms are organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in a way that is not found in nature and cannot be obtained by natural crossing or propagation by artificial insertion of a modified gene or genes from another organism through techniques of genetic engineering. Food labeling is a major worldwide problem with the GMO fight. Individuals are fallowing the tempting signs and great deals but not the qualities of the product.

The medias are shooting high paid commercials of GMO products to intrigue the potential buyers fallowed with even higher paid commercial for medications with descriptions written on a level that is unfamiliar for the regular person. Those products contain GMOs and whole list of unknown ingrediencies, which makes them taste better and stay good for longer time. Our society is so brain washed that we will consume any product not because contains certain health nutrition, but because it is a brand name. The scariest part is that our children are eating GMOs too. According to IRT GMOs are most influence to fast developing young kids. (Institute for Responsible Technology). Children’s bodies, which are overwhelmed during the puberty and the hormone changes are more susceptible to allergies, nutritional problems, dairy allergies, and antibiotic resistant diseases. For fact, we witness the paradox especially with girls who did not reach puberty age and have menstrual cycle. The top three chemical companies in USA- Monsanto, Dupont, and Syngenta control over fifty percent of the seed market in the world. Those companies grow most of the corn and soy. On other hand, the pigs, caws, and chickens that are growth in the farms are raised with GMO corn. Most of meat and dairy product we find in the grocery stores contain GMO. Even though there is organic stores and Amish markets who parades with non-GMO products, those farmers struggle to prove that their products are GMO free. For fact, organic farms can be easily contaminated, because wind and insects are carrying GMO pollen and spreading it around. It seems to be one closed circle that spread around contagiously and never ends. Furthermore, this is exactly the Monsanto cruel plan. Monsanto’s goal is to spend billions of dollars to redeem globally as many seed companies as possible and transform them into GMO seed companies to eliminate all potential competitors and eradicate them from the ground organic foods. All non-Monsanto seeds should be destroyed. (Center for Food Safty.ORG) Farmers around the world are being forced to use only their toxic killer seeds.

The company is doing its best to make sure that farmers who refuse to use their GMO seeds will be thrown out of business or sued. In September 2012, information was published in scientific journals on the experiment of a group of French animal scientists with the transgenic maize, resistant to the Monsanto plant “Roundup”. The experiment led to the destruction of the kidney, liver, to the formation of tumors and premature death of the test rats. Such a result even led to the minimal use of genetically modified food. The study, which lasted 2 years, involved 200 rats. Half-sized animals developed tumors with ping-pong ball sizes. Project leader Gilles-Eric Seralini, such an attempt was made for the first time. (Genetic literacy project) What was new was that the impact of GMO on animals had so far been studied for 90 days, and the period was two years ago. The number of previously unknown diseases, viral infections, strange genetic disorders are increasing. Suffice it to mention the most striking new mystery disease of Morgellons’s disease, which is associated with the influence of genetically modified organisms. Worrying information comes from around the world, but most of the countries where genetically modified crops are produced or widely used: Canada, Britain, Australia, the Netherlands, the United States (most of Texas and Florida). Genetics engineering has great potential if we know how to use it correctly. All diseases can be cured, there will be no more starving people, we will be able to clear and protect the dying nature. It sounds very tempting! However, used for bad purposes, the neglect of bio-security and bioethics due to monetary interests. It would be dangerous if such an important science gets into bad hands.

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