GMO Disadvantages Essay

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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GMO Disadvantages Essay

This essay will present the disadvantages of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It will discuss potential health risks, environmental concerns, and ethical considerations. The piece will explore the impact of GMOs on biodiversity, the debate over labeling, and the long-term implications of GMO use in agriculture and food production. Also at PapersOwl you can find more free essay examples related to Gmo.

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Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) is one of the most important issues currently happening not only in the United States, but around the world. According to Megan Westgate, a researcher and supporter of a non-gmo lifestyle, says, “A GMO, or genetically modified organism, is a plant, animal, microorganism or other organism whose genetic makeup has been modified in a laboratory using genetic engineering or transgenic technology.”(Westgate, non-gmo project). In shorter terms, bio engineers remove DNA from the experimental subject and manipulate it to try to improve its original form; for example, the point of GMO meals is so that food products look more beautiful, have a brighter color, and be larger in size.

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Improving the looks of food sounds great, but what about all the dangerous chemicals bioengineers are inserting in the food products. Bioengineers are currently manipulating the crops DNA stems, so that pests die once they come in contact with the food; but somehow, it’s no be harmful to humans. Would eating an oversize fruit be appealing to anyone, knowing that it kills pests after consumption? GMOs are harmful to our health, lead to damages in the environment, and companies are just trying to manipulate the food-market. GMOs should be labeled and people should recognized how dangerous GMOs actually are.

From the beginning of human history, crop products were always organic. Back then crops were grown just from the plants leftover seeds. Now in the modern world, GMOs have injected genes from another species what could be dangerous to the people. Most of the food that contain GMOs have yet to be proven to be safe for human beings. Biochemist can’t guarantee that GMOs’ side effects would be long-term and proving the food to be safe is beyond the capacity of current technology. People who supporter genetic engineering argue that biotechnology could improve the nutritional contents of various foods. This would mean that people would be able to receive all the vitamins in just a single food product. Having all the vitamins from a single food product could be a great advantage, but our foods will no longer be natural. The harmful effects of GMOs can cause food allergy reactions, escalate the rate of cancer, and even affect the immune system. Currently there are Several studies over GMOs, but a study that started the research was conducted by Dr. Árpád Pusztai at the Rowett Research Institute in 1998. Steve Connor a biochemist talks about Arpad’s first research results in an article from 2016. Arpads had said, “feeding GM potatoes to rats led them to malfunction of immune systems.” (Arpad, Article 2016). Other researchers have studied that manipulating the DNA of a fish and putting it back into the water; the population of the fish at one point would come to an extinction. Biochemist are putting GMOs in corn (commonly used in high fructose corn syrup, corn tortillas, cereals), Sugar, Soy lecithin (Used in packaged foods), Papaya, Zucchini, Canola oil, Tomatoes, and Dairy products. Evidence shows that GMOs are harmful to our health and to the animals, so why should GMOs be allowed to be in the food?

Our environment is very important to keep clean in order for plants to grow rich in natural soil, but GMOs in the past decade have destroyed the environment and organic farming industries by contaminating organic foods. Biochemist assure that GMO crops contain harmful insect resistance and herbicide resistance and this would help to reduce environmental contamination. However, the resistance genes injected to the crops could easily spread to the ecological system (which is the relationship between humans and nature). Consequently, injecting the crops has resulted in the growth of super weeds and super insect by spreading the genes to them. Also, the mutation by biotechnology has also altered the ecology that killed useful insects and now the insect produces the toxin. GM crops have a disastrous effect on organic farming, especially on the most important parts of organic crops which is keeping cleanness and lacking of pollution. Seeds of GM plants are carried by wind and contaminate the natural plants. There is no way to stop the contamination of GM plants and organic plants. GMO Cross-contamination set up buffer zones between GMO farming and organic farming, but contamination still occurs. Once a farmer’s field is affected, there isn’t a way to restore its natural state. GMO pollution caused by pollen spreads into GM crops cultivation areas. GMO contamination will occur once GM crops are cultivated. Therefore, Genetic pollution will destroy organic farming industry. Humans need to grow organic foods to avoid GMOs from taking over all of our real crops and natural soil.

Lastly, GM crops are being forced onto the whole world by biotechnology multi-nationals seeking money for their products. Agriculture in many countries reorganized their own farming industry to increase productivity and try to make agriculture be depended on their industry. Agriculture in the world is going to be ruled by Multinationals; having a lot of output, consumers and farmers get a small profit, but companies such as The Monsanto would get the most. In The Monsanto Company, soybean products are being sold in which they use 2-5 times more herbicides than non-GM plants. The Monsanto company sells different types of seeds, which not all farmers have, and this way The Monsantos could make great businesses. These big companies will have the whole world food markets in their hands. When all food in the world becomes GM foods or their products, we would not have a choice to eat healthy organic food. GMOs would now be forced on the people. Industries would be holding onto the last real seeds on our planet, and probably start making a market out of that as well. These industries are not looking to benefit the people’s health or stop world hunger. These industries are only looking out for themselves to make enormous amounts of profits. Banning GMOs would be the best idea to save the world from company frauds, and fake food products.

Currently in America, we have GMOs in many of our foods that some don’t recognise dangerous for our bodies. To prevent eating GM products, all foods should be labeled and people should be able to identify what foods they would like to consume. Most of major crops in the US came from GMO products. 92 percent of the corn grown in the US contains GMOs. Most of the food we eat are corn products, so all GM food must be labeled for protection against potential risks of eating the foods. Labeling is consistent with the right to know for consumers. Labeling food is the correct thing to do for consumers who want to stay away from manipulated crops. Once more people know how bad GM foods are people will then stop buying these foods and big companies won’t make major profits off of them. Awareness for GMOs is required, so that the people could recognized what GM food does to their health. Also, so that the people know what GM does to crops and how it damages the natural environment. Lastly, so that the big industries can’t get away with their hidden agenda. GMOs should be labeled all over America, so we could stay away from dangerous foods.

GMOs should be banned around the world because we still don’t know all the side effects of each product in the long run. We shouldn’t risk our health with these GMOs by consuming these modified foods. Eating something without knowing what chemicals are inserted in your foods could cause harm to your body. If industries plan is to stop world hunger, GMOs is not the solution. We need to know how to share in order to stop world hunger. World hunger is not due to a shortage of food- globally there is enough to go round and if people make the right decisions, we can continue to feed the world despite population growth and climate change. It’s all about not being greedy and help the people in need. There is enough food in the world to feed third world countries, so creating GMOs is not one of the solution to world hunger. There are more benefits of living a health life without GMOs than using them. If people become more aware of modified foods, then one day we could come to terms in banning GMOs for our health and for the benefits of a healthy green growing planet.

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