Global Issue of the Child Labor on the Example of India

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The documentary film “The Price of Free” describes the global issue of the child labor on the example of India. It also gives several essential ways to solve this problem introduced by the Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi. The film shows how significant is this problem around the world and motivates the customers to check information about the origin of products they buy to prevent dissemination of those which were made with the help of the child labor.

The most essential facts of the documentary “The Price of Free” shows a great importance of making the society around the world informed about the issue of the existence of child labor in the 21st century, convincing the spectator that it is a nonsense and must be absolutely eliminated through powerful laws which will protect the child’s freedom and strict punishments which will make all the guilty “traffickers” and ignorant parents to realize that the crimes they have committed are unacceptable by the whole worldwide community.

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Although the child’s labor is a well-known issue today and a lot of laws have already been enacted to overcome this problem, it still remains very dangerous to fight against it. Kailash Satyarthi and his followers have suffered a lot of violence, moreover some of them even died. This danger should be taken into attention and government of every country should protect these people on a very high level.

Memorable Events from the Documentary

The most powerful scenes of this film were connected with the father who contacted with Kailash Satyarthi and his team as he wanted to find his missing son. But, eventually, he refused to search his own child when he got some money from the person who literary kidnapped his son. It causes a very strong feeling of indignation and gives a thought that parents who allow “the traffickers” to take away their children and do with them whatever they want, should get even more strict punishment than already created ones. The second memorable event in the film is about rescued children and their behavior.

From the scenes when psychologists speak with children it is clearly understood that their comprehension of freedom is absolutely broken and it takes a very long time for a child to realize the sense of such word as “freedom” or “dignity”. It is also obvious that psychologists and teachers have a very difficult task to persuade a child that getting education and entertainment activities are the main features of the happy childhood.

The solution of every problem lies in the problem itself Kailash Satyarthi said these words meaning the new creative approach in fighting against carpet factories which great incomes were based on child labor. The sense of this new approach was “to launch a non-profit Rugmark which could make labeled carpets without child labor and this Rugmark became very competitive. The result was incredible as the number of children working in carpet industry decreased from over 1 million to just under 200,000” (The Price of Free 00:46:09-00:46:30) which proves that consumers actually care about the origin of products they buy and they are not indifferent to child labor.

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