Gender Discrimination is a Problem at Tokyo Medical University

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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According to a survey by the ministry of education. There has been clear unethical behavior in the way the school scores entrance exams. The school has been manipulating the test scores of female applicants for years. It reduced the scores of female applicants by 20 percent.

This is obviously extremely unfair to women. Many universities in Japan have such problems especially medical universities. They require higher tuition fees and private test scores. Even the school may consider it necessary to limit the number of female students for various reasons, such as physiology or life.

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However, under the pressure of public opinion and the government, these universities began to adjust the system, public examination results and refund part of the tuition fees. The battle for women’s rights is continuing.

As far as the content is concerned, it is necessary for schools to take strict measures to deal with the problem of gender discrimination including making students’ test scores public and refunding tuition to the students who are sexist and overpaying for school. Through these measures universities could eliminate gender discrimination to some extent.Any university has the obligation to eliminate gender discrimination.

Gender equality is seeing males and females as being of equal status and value (Alba, B. 2019). Every university should have a code of conduct, and that code of conduct is based on morality. Universities are places of higher education where knowledge and skill are taught. In the university, gender equality is judging a person based on their merit, and not viewing them as inferior or superior purely based on their gender (Alba, B. 2019).

For discrimination problem of the female students is nothing but considering the female employment in the future, women in the work will exist many problems, especially in medicine, for example, to have a child labor, to take care of the family problems and affect the work, but in terms of the nature of the school, boys and girls should be treated fairly, because this is learning, it is important to the stand or fall of their achievements and to the master degree of knowledge, and should not focus on the development of men and women in the future.

Academic performance and conduct should be the criteria for judging a student, but not gender.According to wheeler’s opinion. It is necessary to make students’ test scores public, even if some students are not admitted. Previous research showsthat grades do matter when it comes to predicting whether a student will complete college (Tienken, C. 2019).

Students can know their exam scores and sum up their experience. On the other hand , the public can effectively monitor whether schools manipulate scores. It can reflect the fairness of the examination. It not only reflects the responsibility of a school, but also gives the students a powerful explanation. For example, in western countries, school authorities do not release students’ test information on the grounds of students’ privacy, but in China, it is necessary to release students’ test results, which is fairer and makes the test more standardized and official. Not only that, in China, the school will also publish the test content, and give the test answers, students can clearly understand their own answer content, if there is any question or correction error students can be reported by the relevant departments to get a fair solution. So that students will not blindly believe in the school’s management policies? From wheeler’s point of view, students who are denied places or pay high tuition because their school manipulate their grades should be refunded part of the cost.

Most students do not have the financial ability to afford the high tuition fees, especially the extra fee under the control of university. Tuition waivers at universities are inherently unfair to women, making it extremely difficult for female applicants whose scores have been cut by 20 percent. It is because of the discrimination against female students in this university that most female students cannot enter the school as they wish, and even bear the huge tuition fees for their further study. So far, although the university has adjusted its policy to compensate current and future female students to some extent.

But those who were discriminated against by the school many years ago have not been compensated, which is still unfair to the former female students. It can be seen that the policy adjustment of the school has a certain lag and incomplete This is the school’s fault, so they must bear the consequences.

As a matter of fact, Gender discrimination has been a historic problem all over the world. Every one of us should work hard to uphold women’s rights and make concerted efforts to eliminate gender discrimination no matter in school, family or society, every one of us should actively eliminate gender discrimination. Institutions need to be proactive and recurrently evaluate the gender climate, as well as provide transparent information and fair scrutiny of promotion and salary decisions (Carr, P., Szalacha, L., Barnett, R., Caswell, C., & Inui, T. 2019).

The elimination of gender discrimination requires the management of the government, the cooperation of citizens, and the attention of the society eliminating gender discrimination is the voice of every woman, and it should be the voice of every one of us who wants social justice.


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