Women and Wage Gaps in the Government

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In the article from USA Today Women still earn less than men in the Iowa State Government. there has always seemed to be a wage gap between men and women. An examination of recent released data of state employee salary data shows that women who work in state government positions continue to be paid less than men. The median salary for female state employees in fiscal year 2018 was $50,815 concerning $4,850 but the median salary for male employees of $55,666.

While that gender gap represents a small decrease from last year’s inequality, the difference in salary between men and women utilized by the state continues to hover around $5,000, as it has for the past decade. The percentage difference in salary between men and women in Iowa’s continues to fall, the gap is currently simply 8.7 percent, down from 13.5 percent 10 years ago. However, that is nearly entirely because of rising wages, because the distinction in raw monetary value remains consistent. Media view points of this issue range from the gap between men and women fluctuating each time a new group enters the workforce, the media also states that women are often satisfied with their pay and don’t look for higher pay. Women are also known to take lower paying jobs due to men being bread winners. While media plays a large role in this discrimination is also a factor. The first discrimination in this problem is known as the glass ceiling. This terminology is known as the unbreakable barrier, to the working force and what most women face in the work place. The next big discrimination is the representation of women.

In the workforce it is true most women are a part of big corporate management and lead many successful careers. However, many are them just for show, or rarely ever promoted due to being women. The final discrimination is between the genders in the workforce. It is often said in the workforce, that women are expected to work for men not with them. This is a big issue to women as they often feel secluded from opportunity in the workplace. I applied this to gender conflict theory due to the struggle of women making significantly less than men in a high position job.

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