Feminism: Now and then

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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The feminist movement started on July 19, 1948, in Seneca new york the movement was started for women’s rights and this enacted on women’s suffrage during the 19th century. Woman have been battling this struggle for a long time and nowadays woman are working hard for equal right for everyone on the planet woman, children, and man. I will be talking about how women’s right have been handled from the start of the movement till nowadays. My subtopics are going to be on misogynist, the feminist movement, sexism in the workplaces, gender equality, and violence against women.

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Misogynist are people that are prejudice to other genders but mainly most people are misogynistic to woman. Most of us perform misogynist acts every day without knowing about it. It is not our fault for not knowing what we are doing it’s mostly the fault of the world for raising the generation in the wrong way exposing a woman to the young and teaching them that a woman is just a tool you can have and then dismiss any time you want.

“I’ve spent my entire life in a society that, by every imaginable measure, devalues and dismisses woman”(Kai Wright). Misogynist prejudice has affected woman mostly in the workplace ”in the nearly 230-year history of the US Senate, we have elected just 50 women to serve; nearly half of that number are in office now. It’s the case for wages: Women still make roughly 80 cents on the dollar that’s paid to man”(Kai Wright). The world is filled with a lot of misogynist people but in time most of us will learn that we need to become better.

Feminist movement

The feminist movement has been around for 171 years including 2019. The reason for the feminist, movement was for a woman to be heard and for the world to know the problems that woman suffered on a day to day bases such as sexual harassment and violence, domestic violence, and maternity leave. “Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence, honorary treasurer of the Women’s Social and Political Union, chose three main colors to represent the movement ? white (for purity), purple (for dignity) and green (for hope)”(Julia Brucculirei). “

My perception for the colors is white (for innocence), purple(for bravery), and green(for love)”These colors have symbolized the events woman have been through and their struggles but the most important of them all is the color white the color white has been worn to show gratitude to woman that have become before us for the woman that is making a change today.“Over the years, many other notable women have worn white as a nod to the suffrage movement and the women’s rights movement as a whole For instance, in 1968, Shirley Chisholm wore white on the night she became the first black woman elected to Congress”(Julia Brucculirei).

Sexism within the workplace

Sexism is used as a term that is close to feminism but that doesn’t mean that these two words are the same thing sexism stands for the wrongdoing done to woman while feminism is about helping man and woman so both genders can have better rights not just for woman bot for man too. “That impact on career and salary continues even if those women move to less sexist areas as adults, a finding that suggests the beliefs a woman grows up with can shape her future behavior in a way that affects her career and salary”(Jim Tankersley).

“I think that most women in the workplace are forced out because the boss or the CEO wants a man to do the job which I think is very wrong because anyone that already knows how to do their job well should keep it”. Sexism in the workplace can very be much so to the sexual harassment that happens all the time this can be from the boss or even your own colleagues. “Perhaps most strikingly, the study finds that a woman’s lifelong earnings and how much she works are influenced by the levels of sexism in the state where she was born”(Jim Tankersley).

Gender Equality

Over the years equality between genders hasn’t been the same actually the right between male and female have never been really spoked upon. Gender equality has been around since the feminist movement back in the 1900s. “My thought of gender equality is when everyone is able to come together as a woman, and man”.Gender equality is obtainable to both men and woman.Woman all over the world just wants to be able to do things a man can do and slowly woman are taking care of business and showing man that we can do whatever you can do.

“Many years ago, a guy I was dating became upset with me after I outperformed him on a science final exam that was worth a large percentage of our GPA and the guy so mad that he decided that he and Samantha needed a break for a while. Samantha knew then and now she had embarrassed him because in almost every men’s mind they all think they are smarter than a woman “” (Samantha Nutt).

Hate Crimes against women

“Hate crimes, or bias-motivated crimes, are crimes committed because the victim is a member of a particular gender or sexual orientation, or belongs to a certain ethnic or racial group or religion” (Ave mince-Didier). Hate crimes have been around for years I means years, but when I say hate crimes I mean hate crimes that have been done towards woman such as harassment, violence “I think that the hate crimes towards woman have gotten out of hand outrageous almost everywhere in America”. “. Hate crimes can take many different forms, such as vandalism and assault. Some would argue that crimes primarily committed against women – such as rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence – are likely to be motivated by gender bias” (Ave mince-Didier).

Woman have been battling this struggle for a long time and nowadays woman are working hard for equal right for everyone on the planet woman, children, and man. I will be talking about how women’s right have been handled from the start of the movement till nowadays. My conclusion is that The feminist movent has evolved beyond the yeas making it easy but also hard on a woman it causes ties between the nations and ties between genders we have to change our mindset and become better as a nation. We must teach the next generation that no matter the gender you must still treat each other with the same respect and to view woman not as tools but as human beings.

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