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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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After yesterday’s internship fair, I started to apply for FedEx as it is the worlds biggest courier service and as its main branch is located here in Memphis so that if I get a chance of spring internship I can happily work and study at a time. But doing so I found some defects in the career website.As-Is Feature:Good: The front end is simple and easy to understand which the main thing for a nontechnical person. The website is designed in such a manner that I will be able to apply for different locations without using another resume.

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And students apply to their preferred position and place available.

Resumes are uploaded by the word document or by using LinkedIn, Dropbox and google drive. Students can apply to their preferred jobs as the organization mentioned every requirement, ability and the experience required. “continue later” is my favorite preference as I can continue the process after a while in case of emergencies.Bad: There is a fault in the mandatory fields. Example there is a field like “do you ever worked in FedEx?”

Even though I selected “No” it is still asking me to fill those fields. There are 3 fields which indicate as an optional one but I am incapable to complete the process. After all the struggles and submitting the petition, I haven’t got any confirmation and also there is no tracker to monitor my status.To-Be Feature: The technical department people should edit all the errors which are causing trouble for the students. The organization must provide the tracking service through which students can monitor and can be prepared for the interview. The website can be developed even more user-friendly.

Initial step for starting a system is collecting knowledge and since it is already developed, it just needs slight enhancements which improves website efficiency. Mistakes can be found when it is used by participants. So, a survey should be conducted with them. Collecting feedback Gathering the accurate knowledge about the prerequisites which a participant should have.

Feedback report asking applicants about- Experience with website Problems that faces during application process.The primary thing while commencing a project is choosing relevant project model. Every information system needs little enhancements over the as-is system, thus, Agile model will be leading as we can edit any step (planning, analyzing, design & implementation) at any time. as FedEx is well-grown company it requires slight improvements. so agile method comes in place.

In the agile method, all steps will execute concurrently, therefore, any editing can do in any step. Analysis step will be executed properly through which improvements can made in future. FedEx have to form a group in order to make editing without interrupting current application. Manuals must be maintained which involves all the details taken place at every phase.

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