Exploring Gender Roles and Identity in ‘The House on Mango Street’

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Updated: Sep 07, 2023
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The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros is about a young lady who battles discovering her actual self. Esperanza sees the average figures like Sally and Rafaela. There is likewise her neighbor Marin demonstrates the “genuine” personality for ladies on Mango Street. She likewise observes her mom is and isn’t care for that in the meantime. The fundamental battle that Esperanza has is with magnificence. This clarifies why a large portion of the antagonistic individuals that Esperanza meets on Mango Street, and her sexual orientation, helped her see the shape she expected to dispatch so as to give herself a personality.

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Esperanza sees the majority of the ladies around her, and the greater part of them are the equivalent. The general thought of the ladies on Mango Street is they are property to their spouses. They can’t do anything except if their spouses enable them to. It additionally begins at a youthful age. The young ladies like Esperanza see the ladies that live around them and believe that is the best approach to live. They appreciate them so they begin to develop quicker than they should. Sally is one of them. Sally cherishes the consideration that she gets from young men, yet her dad dislikes that. Sally grew up and got hitched at a youthful age.

“Sally says she enjoys being hitched on the grounds that she gets the chance to get her very own things when her better half gives her cash. She is cheerful, aside from at times her better half gets irate and once he broke the entryway, where his foot experienced, however most days he is alright. But he won’t let her discussion on the phone. Also, he doesn’t let her post the window.” (Cisneros 101) Sally takes the in the impact of different ladies around her that she believes that marriage is the best thing for her. Esperanza saw this coming when she realized that she would not have the capacity to spare Sally. That is on the grounds that it was at that point occurring. Esperanza saw that Sally was transforming into them. Them alluding to the general population like Rafaela. Rafaela is another case of the regular lady figure on Mango Street. “And afterward Rafaela, who is as yet youthful yet getting old from inclining out the window so much, gets bolted inside in light of the fact that her better half is apprehensive Rafaela will flee since she is too wonderful to even think about looking at.” (Cisneros 79) All the men on Mango Street are depicted a similar way, as bastards that typify ladies and every one of the ladies assume the job of being the items. This entire circumstance works two different ways and Esperanza can see that.

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