Exploring Africa

With the ticket in my hand, I would choose to go and explore Africa. Africa has over 3,000 native languages, and dialects and I would like to explore some of the common ones such as Swahili and Somali common in East Africa, Igbo in Nigeria, and Afrikaans in South Africa among others. Different tribes in Africa have their own unique cultural characteristics.

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I would bring back souvenirs of the African cultures which are often expressed in clothing, music and language, arts and crafts. The cultures in Africa changes from country to country and even from community to community in a single country. Nigeria alone has over 500 different languages with more than 100 cultural groups and practices. Kenya, on the other hand, has over 42 different cultures. Some of the cultural events I would like to explore are such events as circumcision which are celebrated by the community with dancing around fires at night and drinking of traditional African liquors.

Other places in Africa to explore the cultures include museums and libraries. While in the continent I would explore the ancient and the origin of human life which started in this continent millions of years ago including such sites as Australopithecus aphaeresis and Australopithecus africanus and Australopithecus robustus which are found in east and South Africa and see the earliest human skulls. Some of these fossils are as old as 5 million years, for instance, the Australopithecus robustus fossils discovered in Kenya which is over 4 million years old. Africa is also home to the earliest civilization such as the Pharaoh kingdoms in Egypt. I would explore the remains of such kingdoms and the ancient pyramids.

In conclusion, when in Africa I would take notes of the language, bring back souvenirs of the African cultures, taste their meals, and participates in their traditional activities such as dancing and singing. I would take pictures of such sites like the pyramids, ancient fossils, and even the wildlife. Other activities I would do include swimming in the rivers, touring the wildlife reserves, and philanthropic activities.

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