Every Artist has a Different Muse

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The 20th century is a very interesting era, planished with different artists and art movements. One of the greatest art movement was surrealism, it was not only an artistic movement but also a literary one. Surrealism was an important movement because of the end of the World War I and the Mexican revolution. Surrealists—inspired by Sigmund Freud’s theories of dreams and the unconscious—believed insanity was the breaking of the chains of logic, and they represented this idea in their art by creating imagery that was impossible in reality, juxtaposing unlikely forms onto unimaginable landscapes.

Artists wanted to show the pure form The surrealist movement had it’s roots from the Dada movement in which artists portrayed their anger and disgust with the war and their lives. Surrealism is a blend of expressionism and cubism. Although, the technique was similar to the one used in Dada. Many artists contributed to this movement and one of them was Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderon also knows as Frida Kahlo.

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Frida Kahlo was born in 1907 in Coyoacan, Mexico. Frida attained polio when she was 6, for which she was bedridden for nine months. This caused her right leg to grow more thinner, she wore long skirts to cover her legs. Again, at the age of 18 she had a tragic bus accident where many of her schoolmates died but she survived. She broke her legs and her spinal column because of which she had to full body cast for three months. This is where her journey with painting began. Call it fate, Frida was meant to paint. Her first painting was a self portrait. She painted her life story, the suffering. Although in her art works it has been seen that she was inspired by her Mexican culture, the bright colours and monkey symbolisms which were a apart for her. Frida illustrated the monkey symbol as a tender and protective symbol. Many of Frida’s work were self portrait with surreal backgrounds and different forms. Frida lived through art, with all the troubles and battles her paintings were there for her.

Frida had her heart broken several times but she never was the victim. She portrayed the reality with a pinch of imagination. Frida has her own unique identity, she lived through suffering and inspired all kinds of women, that life goes on be your own muse. Frida’s work cannot be expressed, it is a feeling that everyone can feel. She was not just an artist, she’s a statement of boldness, strength, not trying to be someone else, but herself.

Frida’s believes are something that every teenage girl should learn in todays society. She was a revolutionary icon, turning her sorrow and pain into something mesmerising. She wore her canvas as a clothing and poured her heart out. She recorded her entire life, expressing everything she suffered. Her work is a golden whisk of truth, heartbreak and life. Fashion was an essential part of Frida’s life, she spent hours in front of the mirror. Self-presentation was very important to her, she always dressed in vibrant colours. She had her own unique style, which was a blend of her traditional Mexican attire and European style. Frida has deeply influenced the fashion industry from runway to nail polish to barbie, Frida is everywhere.

Jean Paul Gaultier the man who created Madonna’s cone breasted corset but very little people know that he was inspired by Frida’s paintings. Born in 1952 in Bagneux, France, he was highly inspired by Frida Kahlo. In the year 1998 he payed tribute to Frida by launching a collection inspired by her. Jean Paul was fascinated by Frida’s paintings, her style and her life story. She spent half of her life on wheelchair is still is an icon. Jean Paul’s and Frida’s believes were similar they both believed in representing their story through their work, stepping out of the social norms. Jean Paul is known for mixing street style with haute couture. Soon after entering the industry people started calling him “l’enfant terrible” which is french for young genius, unorthodox and rebellious.

Jean Paul’s collection reflects feminism, boldness and the truth. Frida and Jean’s work cannot be compared their way of expressing is drastically different although their ideas are the same. But his 1998 show reflected Frida, the models replicated her. The models had unibrow, hairdo with flowers like Frida. All the models wore long skirts and long boots, they didn’t have much make on and some even came to the ramp with cigars, just like Frida. The models truly resonated Frida’s personality. The detailing done was commendable. The eye earrings were also inspired by her which is everywhere but not everyone knows about the person behind it. Jean Paul was particularly inspired by Frida’s “The Broken Column”, where she is trapped in metal cage with a broken column in the place of her spine, tears drooling down her face and nails all over body. This painting shows the pain she went through after her accident. The model was wearing a similar outfit with metal cage around her upper body.

Frida represents strong, independent and feminist woman and so does Jean Paul’s collection. The story of Frida is so inspiring, how can anyone not get inspired? Not even her wheel chair could pull her down. Frida has inspired many more designers until. An idol who will never fade away.

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