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Updated: Jun 05, 2021
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Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, also called Mother Teresa, was born on August 26th, 1910 (Mother). Mother Teresa was a believer of the Roman Catholic beliefs. She was born in Skopje, Macedonia (Mother). Here, she was baptized after she was born and was given a real name. Her family was known to be of the Albanian descent (Mother). At a young age, she already knew what her duty in life was, and it was to spread the love of Jesus Christ. As she grew older, she joined many groups to join in their missionaries. Age eighteen she became a nun, completing her vows in India on May 24th, 1934 (Mother). She then continued with a teaching job at St. Mary’s. At this school, she taught young girls. This school located in Calcutta would change her life forever. Seeing the poverty and suffering of the people influenced her to help them. These people made her the mother Teresa we now know today. She ended up asking permission to leave her job. She wanted to help the people who really needed her help. Teresa soon became Saint Teresa of Calcutta. Her faith in her religion impacted her life as well as changed it, and now she is remembered for it.

How Her Religion Affected Her Life

Teresa’s religion really impacted her life in the way that she made decisions and with her actions. She relied on her religion to help her through the poverty herself. She was a volunteer, so she was not being paid to help these people. She believed it was her duty to help them. Her faith is what really kept her going. She was very committed to her faith, and I think that is what really made her a great person. As she continued her work in helping the poor children get an education, she was helped by many volunteers. On October 7, 1950, “The Missionaries of Charity” was made a possibility. This program gave love and care for the people who experienced deep poverty. It is still used today to help refugees and the people who still experience poverty.

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Mother Teresa changed the way we handle people who really need our help. She taught us that no matter what, we are equal human beings. Whether one has more money or nicer things than the other, everyone needs to be respected and treated with love. She showed others that no one is better than the other. During her days of caring for others, she lived among them. She did not live in a nice home away from them. She “broke the wall between benefactor and recipient” (4 ways). No one felt different from each other; they were all treated the same by her. She cared for everyone, bathing the sick, and teaching children to read. She did everything she could. This is what I find really admiring about her. I believe we all need to be like her and not judge someone by how they have to live, but instead give a helping hand.

I really admire Mother Teresa. She did not have to do the things she did, or even go to the lengths that she did. However, she had such faith and believed it was the right thing to do. She also suffered poverty, but it didn’t stop her from caring for the others. She had such belief that her God would take care of her. She did not falter with her faith she continued to believe even in the toughest of times of her life. Through this I am sure this is how she caught the eyes of people. They believed in her because she was true. She was going through the same things these people were. Though she continued to give all credit to her religion. In doing so, this changed her life and the lives of many others.
Mother Teresa’s legacy has not been forgotten. She is remembered every with a feast on September 5th. Mother Teresa cared for people for over 50 years of her life. She brought great joy to the children who were forgotten or left alone to survive the world. She brought many to join her faith, but not from only teaching it but with the way she acted. Her legacy still yet continues; the program Missionaries of Charity still continues. The program has helped millions and is still being used to take care of refugees and poorest of citizens. Through her kindness and helping hand, many people believed in her. They trusted her and soon followed her and listened to her, believing in the word of God as she spoke of.

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