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There was once a time when slavery was a dominant philosophy in the United States of America, especially in the south. Black people were the workforce for the white southern slave owners and their plantation work. While there were definitely white people in the south against slavery, they were the minority compared to the rest of the white population with slaves or others attempting to gain slave labor. Thankfully, there was an organization dubbed the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was an organization that helped slaves escape through a series of safe houses for slaves to hide in, conductors to lead them to those safe houses, and lastly, a path up to the north, where slavery is illegal. I believe they are one of the most important organizations for the Civil Rights movement in history. I believe this because freeing slaves that are suffering, especially if they have terrible slave masters, is saving lives.

It also adds the benefit that once they are far away enough from the bounty hunters that go hunting for escaped slaves, they will spread the word about slavery if they have made it out of the country. They can also seek refuge and protection up north from the bounty hunters seeking to make some money. Also, if a few slaves have escaped, and the master has become more hostile, the slaves would want to escape and in the end, lots would. An example of freed slaves making it to other countries or states and spreading the word about slavery and their experiences would be the influential figures Henry “Box” Brown and Frederick Douglas. While they were not freed by the Underground Railroad, they did help other slaves and helped spread the word and experiences of being a slave, which resulted in more people being inspired and empowered to become abolitionists. Thanks to more abolitionists in the north, and the south becoming egotistical and wanting to create their own nation, the Civil War broke out, which in the end resulted in the freedom of slaves.

The education system in the United States of America is about as free as the United States itself. There is no segregation in the school system anymore, but this was not always the case. In 1896, the Supreme Court ruled in the case of Plessy vs Ferguson that white and black facilities can be segregated, as long as they are equal. Of course, the pattern with racism in the USA made the rule only so that there can be segregated facilities, but did not make them equal. Before 1954, it was allowed to segregate schools. There were “colored” schools and “white” schools. Anyone that did not have a light skin color was not allowed to attend an all-white school. Colored schools came with outdated and pre-used equipment, while the white schools had the best and newest equipment. Of course, this would cause a stir as “colored” people are not receiving the same education as whites. This all ended in 1951, where a man with the name of Oliver Brown filed a lawsuit against the Board of Education in Kansas for not allowing his daughter to go to a white school, as it offered better education.

This case went on and on, until it reached the Supreme Court, along with 4 other similar cases. The lawyer for this case was Thurgood Marshall, a member of the NAACP. The name of the case is Brown Vs The Board of Education. I believe this is one of the most important events when considering all the Civil Rights history, because they offered equal education to all children. Education is one of the most important in the country. If you are ignorant, you are going to be used and abused. As a result, everyone can receive the education they deserve. This case also allowed Ruby Bridges to finish this case by giving her the legal authority to integrate a school breaking the law and not following with the Supreme Court’s ruling, and not integrating. Thanks to her, it was proven blacks are not too foolish to follow the white school curriculum, and strengthened the Civil Rights movement. Lastly, in my opinion, it served as a checkpoint for the Civil Rights movement, as they moved closer to equal rights.

In my opinion, the most important and influential figure in the civil rights movement would have to be Thurgood Marshall. Thurgood Marshall was an excellent lawyer, and the first black Supreme Court Justice. He was an excellent student and an excellent member of the debate team, which probably added to him being an excellent lawyer. Sadly, when he tried to enroll to the University of Maryland, his skin color prevented him, which made him a perfect witness to race discrimination. He appeared in front of the Supreme Court 33 times, and won 29 out of 33 times. During the Brown vs Board of Education case presented to the Supreme Court, he was the lawyer that argued schools should not be segregated. Thanks to the death of one of the Supreme Court Justices, he won, and made it so that segregation in school existed no longer. After some time passed, all schools were integrated. 13 years later, he would be appointed to Supreme Court Justice, and would be a major step towards proving that blacks can do what whites can. He would be the first black Supreme Court Justice, and won one of the most important lawsuits in history. This is why I believe he is the most important Civil Rights leaders in history.

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