Essay about Racial Segregation in Public Schools

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May 17, 1954, supreme court decided unanimously that segregation in public schools was not constitutional and was against the meaning of the fourteenth amendment. The decision determined separate schools for white children and african american children was unequal. The set of cases from “Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka”, was a combination of cases from the “U.S. Court of Appeals from Delaware, the District of Columbia, Virginia, South Carolina, and Kansas.” These cases were all discussing the constitutionality of racial segregation in public schools. The Kansas Lawsuit brought together the cases into being known as, “Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka”. In Each of the cases of “Brown vs Board of Education”,

The Complainants composed of “parents, children and community leaders” that challenged segregation and the “Separate but Equal” principle. They signed several petitions, so the NAACP could bring the matter against in court. In each case, african american elementary and high school kids were not allowed admission into white only schools. Chief Justice Earl Warren decided if racial segregated schools was really inequal, he cited other cases with a racial inequality of African American, and White graduate levels. He agreed that the policy of forcing African Americans to attend to a seperate school only because of their race, led to the children feeling inferior and lowered their motivation to learn. He concluded that “racial” “segregation” separating children in public schools was violating “The Equal Protection Clause” of “The Fourteenth Amendment”. And on 1954, He ruled unanimously and ordered the district courts and local schools to integrate. In the south, Public schools were still segregated until the late 1960s. In conclusion, The Case Brown vs Board of Education was important and finally allowed children to attend to one unsegregated school together.

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