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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“During the period of segregation, also known as the American Apartheid, the policy of separate but equal resulted in a situation more than racial separation. American apartheid created inequality supported by the law and imposed through terror and violence. In southern states such as Georgia and Florida, segregation meant that the blacks were to get access to inferior education, poor health care and they were to live in houses in poor conditions, glazed by lead and infested by bugs. However, the rise of the civil rights movement brought a lot of changes to the blacks in America. In Florida and Miami, the government decided to build spacious modern houses. The modern houses were open for the blacks and this brought hope to the black community (Washington, 2007). Some blacks were used as subjects to conduct studies on new medical technologies. For example, the thirty-one-year-old negro who complained of urinary and abdominal pains. Instead of treating tuberculosis in the patients left kidney, the doctors decided to submit her to aortography where a needle was pushed into her spinal code and a contrast medium was injected into her meanings as recorded by Human Guinea pig’s physician Maurice H. Papp.

Blacks were also used in the research on engineered human cells which is always used in medical treatment. However, whites benefit from the use of medical technology than the blacks who were used in the research. George Gey, a managing director of John Hopkins Hospital harvested cells of Henrietta Lacks who was a cancer patient at the hospital, without the knowledge of the patient’s family members. Gey used the cells to transform medicine. The harvested cells were used to test and perfect the Salk polio vaccine. This experiment conducted with Hela’s cells has also helped in many other developments in medicine today. It has enabled cultivation and therapy with stem cells and immature cells can be used to develop other types of required cells such as white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. Many African Americans oppose the use of stem cells in treatment because of the disparity in the treatment in stem-cell disparity. Many whites are likely to match with a donor more than then the blacks (Washington, 2007). Dr. Harry Bailey who had worked in many nations and once in Chicago traveled to New Orleans to collaborate with Dr. Robert Heath who enabled the researcher to achieve his dream. In New Orleans, blacks were used in experiments because there were many blacks in New Orleans. Dr. Bailey tested the bulbocapnine and LSD on African American inmate at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. The CIA needed to know whether bulbocapnine could generate aphasia, sabotage the will power or cause memory loss.

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After returning to Australia, Dr. Bailey used the information he acquired from the experiment to open deep sleep therapy. The doctor abused most of his patients by implanting metal plates into their brains and sexually assaulting his female patients. The CIA decided to charge DR. Heath and Bailey for performing extensive, ambiance mind-control because the CIA believed that the Soviet Union and other United States enemies learned how to control people’s mind through brainwashing. The two researchers also used electrodes which they implanted on their black subjects for three years. They conducted research on hospitalized patients too but they did not mention how they got patients to use in the research.

The government had also used biological friendly fire during wartime to infect the enemy troops with yellow fever and other infectious diseases. A similar experiment was conducted in an area occupied by black people. However, many whites also sickened because they bordered the black occupied area. One of the practical examples was the spread of whooping cough in Florida which resulted in the death of many people. On Florida’s west coast, a village known as Carver village was used to conduct the experiment (Washington, 2007). It resulted in 1955 infections and the death rates increased in the village. About 1080 people in the village were infected by whooping and about 8% of the those affected were children. By 1960, the village the residents of the village were plagued by a mysterious illness and those infected showed signs of dengue and yellow fever which resulted in deaths.

Carver village which forms a big house complex and the big housing complex triggered the organization of drives in Miami. The white motorcades formed rock throwing habit and the shooting of black people. This was followed by the blasting two one-hundred-pound boxes of dynamite in the village. Three other bombs were used in the destruction of Jewish synagogues and schools. The residents of the Carver village demanded equality in the polls and lunch counters. However, this resulted into lynching, drive-by shooting and threats to keep the members of the village calm. The methods used by the Ku Klux Klan to calm the residents of the Carver village did not want. Therefore, they decided to use more dynamite blasts which destroyed most part of the village leaving it uninhabitable. During the same year, on December, the village experienced more dynamite blasts which blew out windows and destroyed the wall of many Hebrew synagogue in Miami. The CIA and the U.S Army had the aimed at the Carver village just like the Klan. The U.S insisted that it was forming defensive weapons. However, the CIA entered an agreement to develop fatal biological and chemical weapons.”

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