Environmental Pollution

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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People kill the environment with so many of the things they do in their lives, but no one realizes that killing the environment around you is killing the humans around you too. Riding in the car, there is always a new construction site and everyone around says something like “we really do need that new school”, or “life will be so much more convenient now that we have this new freeway”, but they don’t truly realize the effects it has on the environment and humans around them.

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Everyday people are slowly committing suicide and murder, they just don’t know. They ignore nature for electronics, and other conveniences in life that pollute the environment, humans spend so much time in doors now days that they are more prone to allergies and illnesses, and they are carelessly killing living things that are essential in the environment for humans and other organisms to survive, hurting themselves in the process.

Humans spend so much time indoors now days, they don’t connect with nature the way they used to. In fact according to scientific research children that grow up in the more “natural world have a more balanced immune systems.” Research also provides evidence stating that humans who live in cleaner more sanitized homes, who shower more oftenly and use more sanitation and cleansing products are more likely to get sick or have allergies because their cleaner bodies are more exposed to microbiota, which include viruses, bacteria, and other harmful organisms, because their bodies aren’t as used to the nature and germs of the outdoors. People who spend less time outdoors also more commonly get asthma and other diseases, such as hay fever. Living a life centered more around outdoors than indoors helps make your immune system stronger especially as a child. So, next time that you get sick or a suffering from allergies think, how much time do you spend outside? Where do you live? How much time did you spend outside when you were little?

Harming nature, and abusing animals? What type of monster are they? If that’s what you’re thinking when you hear about someone harming nature or a case of animal cruelty, you are a good person in my book. When people kill animals or destroy a plant for no reason it hurts the environment, and hurting the environment hurts humans to, it kills off all of our resources, as will as innocent organisms. One research shows that people abuse animals are mean to other people as well. Think about it. Say, humans killed a whole bunch of bats and spiders and the bat and spider population died off in an area that had a lot of mosquitos, then we would have a lot more mosquitoes and other small bugs that are commonly pests in households such as flies and gnats. After that everyone would say something like “Ugh, where did all these stupid mosquitoes come from all of the sudden” to which someone else would reply “Oh, don’t you remember we killed off all the bats and spiders that eat mosquitoes, so now the mosquito population is thriving.” So if you killed off all the bats spiders, the mosquito population would thrive, leaving you with to have a noticeably higher amount of mosquito bites, so you’d be extra itchy and have a higher chance of catching an illness caused by mosquitoes such as like the zika virus or malaria.

So, maybe people don’t abuse bats, but the point is that when you kill an animal for no reason enough times that they die off and go extinct, it can upset the balance of nature, and harm you to. Plus, if you abuse animals you can be put in jail for that, you’d probably have the same amount of respect from people as murderers and who wants that? Which, if you were killing animals as well as abusing them you would be a murderer because you would be killing innocent animals for no reason, I mean the only difference between animal and human murder, or abusing a human compared to abusing an animal is that humans can at least try to talk to you, but animals can’t even communicate with humans, or say what’s on their mind. Hum and have also killed a much of the bee population, and bee pollinated 90 percent of the plants on earth! If bees became extinct, then the number of healthy plants and healthy crops on earth would significantly decrease. So next time you carelessly hurt a plant or animal, think, what did they do to deserve it?

Many things that humans use on a daily basis, such as cars pollute the environment, which hurts us too. Pollution is a serious threat to both humans and the environment. Pollution can cause acid rain. If acid rain occurs it can pollute important bodies of water used for drinking water. If someone drinks water polluted by acid rain it can make them sick , it can also erode buildings and kill animals. Too much pollution can also cause smog, a fog full of pollution and smoke, and just harmful pollutants in the air of towns and cities that use lots of fossil fuels. this is bad for living things and can be detrimental to one’s health, because they would be breathing a very harmful form of pollution, and sometimes smoke which is very bad for your lungs. Some air pollution can also increase one’s possibility of cancer. Pollution can also contaminate the food and water humans eat, it also kills plants that essential for the environment. Pollution iss also harmful to organisms immune systems, and can increase the risk of injured body systems. All very good reasons to cut down your usage of devices that use fossil fuels and pollute the environment around you.

As you can see there are many good reasons to think more about the environment and staying in touch with nature, because wither it’s because you ignore it, you harm it, or you pollute it, killing the environment kills you too. Besides nature is beautiful, and if you look deep enough within you every animal has an elegance or cuteness that you just can’t deny.


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