Energy and Passion: the Main Qualities of a True Leader

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Updated: Oct 20, 2021
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In what ways do your passions lead you to the purpose of your leadership?

Passion is a natural part of someone and originates from a profound spot. It is a crucial component for a leader. The following ways show how passion has a purpose for my leadership:

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Passion produces energy- The energy they have as individuals drive a leader who has passion. With regards to driving oneself and other people’s passion and vitality, this is fundamental.

Passion enhances vision- If a leader needs to view their vision and objectives being cultivated, then the leader’s passion is the fuel that drives the production and after-effects of the vision (George & Sims, 2007). The vision of the association or group ought to be very frequent and passionately imparted to other people.

Passion ignites others- In a passionate leader, their energy and passions always drive or motivate others, which makes someone feel more empowered and propelled.

In what ways does the purpose of your leadership relate to the rest of your life? Is it integral to it or separate from it?

The primary roles in my leadership have various integral life-impacting actions as outlined below:

  • Addresses the decisions I have made before and change the choices I will make in the future.

Life entails decisions – some we lament, are pleased with, and others hurt us. Everything in my leadership and experience is an impression of a decision I have made in life.

  • Speaking up with trustworthiness and quit holding down what I think.

Individuals may trust that honesty will not win numerous friendships – however, regardless of whether they were valid, the friends I make with trustworthiness will be the best. Genuineness is the foundation of all achievement, without which certainty and the capacity to perform cannot exist.

  • Forging perfectionism.

When I understand that perfection does not exist, I can ease up on myself. There is no damage in being off-base or committing errors; it is up to one to happily make corrections. Being my identity has influenced me to accomplish this necessary part.

  •  Connect then Lead

After conducting my interviews with two people familiar with my leadership skills, I found out that my style of leadership falls under low warmth and high competence. I am quite likeable, and I have a solid behavior. I am savvy and sociable. This falls under high warmth with low competence. As depicted by one of my companions some of the warmth I have been sharing include personal stories and showing sympathy. Low warmth with high competence summons vital affiliation (Cuddy & Neffinger, 2013). The blend of competence and warmth encourages leaders to progress to higher dimensions and seems to prompt higher dimensions of worker commitment.

The following are some of the areas I need to curb to improve my leadership skills:

Building Bonds- Enhancing passionate insight will usually upgrade one’s capacity to building bonds because one’s relationship building abilities, relational abilities, and self-assurance will all be improved. On the off chance that a person centers on building bonds, they will make a sort of social network that will increment both the number and kind of connections that they can make.

Enhancing teamwork and collaboration – This ability necessitates that I build up a perspective on groups as something that needs sustenance. As an individual, a group should be taken care of if it will work at best. The individual with this ability, additionally, comprehends that coordinated effort is an amazing step for central leadership, relationship building, and making a charming and gainful workplace.

Regarding the relation between warmth and competence, research recommends that leaders should continually exhibit warmth first, not because it is made quickly, but because it contributes altogether to people’s assessments of others. Putting warmth at the edge fabricates trust and encourages information exchange, which can allow others to be open to new ideas, and in this way, judging the leader’s competence emphatically.

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