Ending the Cold War

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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The Cold War, America’s risk of starting a third world war with the U.S.S.R but also one of America’s most profitable and popular wars. The cold war begun after the WWII, when the soviets took control of half of Germany and wanted to expand their control over Asia and surrounding countries. Russia wanted to expand communism through out the pacific and the U.S wanted to liberate it and make it a more democratic place. Before this became an arms race, it is important to understand that it was fight of influence.

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As the power of influence grew on surrounding nations so did a red scare. This all led to a prominent arms race and powerful technological advancement for both countries. As a powerful growth in technology arose, so did a fierce fight for a space race with Russia delivering the first punch with sputnik. This only fired the need for the U.S to start funding NASA, and other nuclear programs. The fear for a nuclear holocaust increased for citizens of many nations. This fear for a nuclear holocaust was so strong the both sides decided to put an end to this by creating the INF treaty. Signed on December 8th of 1987 by American president Ronald Regan, and general secretary Mikhail Gorbachev. This treaty demonstrates the willingness to work together for the better of the world also the pursuit by both parties to understand the needs of each other and try to arrange denuclearization.

To understand this treaty, it is important to know that there were previous attempts to denuclearize both sides. A precursor to this treaty, was the Reykjavik summit on October 11, 1986. At this summit both parties discussed the elimination of IMF weapons, though Regan wanted to discuss several factors such a human rights, the occupation of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union. Gorbachev managed to keep the conversation limited to nuclear weapons. Gorbachev proposed to the nuclear elimination to 50% of the weapons in Europe, however the Americans would have to stop the strategic defense initiative. The American government declined the proposition stating that this was an injustice to the American people. The Reykjavik summit concluded with no agreements, but it is important because it paved the way for further negotiations. It left both parties with the idea that the opposing government was willing to come to an agreement, it was advancement for such a stringent era. After this the Russian government announced on February 1987 that they were ready to bring the INF treaty into its works. So, on March 4th the U.S government produced a treaty and brought into text. This document was almost identical to the one that was drafted at the Reykjavik summit. By that summer both parties had drafted documents that included what they expected of the other side. Finally, on December 8th the INF Treaty was signed and both parties promised to remove Intermediate and Short-range nuclear weapons from their nuclear arsenals. Into greater detail the INF Treaty required the United States and the Soviet Union to permanently eliminate all ground launched ballistic and cruise missiles with a range of 500 to 5,500 kilometers. these types of weapons systems, numbering in the thousands precipitated the showdown in Europe. In effect, it eliminated an entire class of nuclear weapons. Along with the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, which reduced the number of Soviet and American nuclear weapons, it was critical in ending the nuclear-arms race.

The Intermediate-Range nuclear treaty is set up have various on-site inspections, both governments are required to give accountability of nuclear armament. These inspections are formed to give initial data given by each government and to make sure no lines are crossed. These inspections include and are not limited to military bases, nuclear facilities that are prohibited by the INF treaty, short notice inspections will be allowed according to the document. The United States also reserves the right to hold a thirteen-year inspection on any ground fired ballistic missile. The U.S also has also included any nation that used to be part of the Soviet Union. Each party agrees to eliminating all its intermediate-range missiles and launchers that support nuclear structures and equipment that facilitates the launching of intermediate-range missiles. The treaty also like the future producing and flight testing of any range missile. The treaty is of unlimited duration, if any government decides to retreat from the treaty, they must give notification to the other party. Within this notification a statement should be given as to why the treaty is being nullified.

The historical significance of this document is to produce a global stability and a call for peace. It signifies the willingness of different political systems working together to be a protectorate of the world. This treaty can also be tied into the power of the U.S and how we won the fight against communist Russia and spread the influence of the democracy. This whole event is significant because without moments like these the U.S would have never landed on the moon and a curiosity for the unknown would have never surfaced.

This Document was brought for by both parties to bring an end to scare that the citizens of the world were suffering. Both countries came out was superpower nations, but each had a separate agenda. Each country wanted to colonize the world with their political view. So what better way to show of their political strength than to show each other what they were made of. This treaty was brought into existence because they knew the devasting consequences that a nuclear war would on not only them but the world. This treaty not only disseminated peace but also put at ease the opposing party. This document helped bring about world peace and a global security. This treaty also helped almost as a parental figure to bring other countries from experimenting with nuclear weapons.

The strength of this document is important because it led to a moment of peace when the world needed it the most. As highlighted before it showed that even though the countries involved had distinct political ideologies, they took global peace into consideration. It led to a moment of prosperity and intellectual inspiration. This document in present day is facing risk of getting abolished. This is mainly due to current U.S president Donald J Trump inciting that the Russian government has violated the treat, and he intends to end it. The Russian government has replied that the U.S government has also violated, but yet they have turned a blind eye, suggesting that the U.S should do the same. The abolition of this document has European nations hesitant to what can happen if both U.S and Russia decide to start another arms race as it was in the 1960’s. If this treat is annulled, a powerful nuclear arms race will engulf both nations. This will also encourage other nations to take up nuclear advancements, and to look at any nuclear treaties with the U.S to become annulled. North Korea will start nuclear testing and so will other countries that have stopped or lowered nuclear experimentation due to U.S intervention.

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