Emily Lives in the Cave

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Updated: May 14, 2019
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Emily Lives in the Cave essay

“Remember to listen to the cave and the fire as you exit. You will exit the cave today. Plato: “The Allegory of the Cave” a story that tells us about a group of people who struggled to see a better future due to the fact that they where shackled. The close mindset they held came from the inability to turn around and see the light. “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner, speaks about the struggle Emily faces in her “cave”. Emily’s house separates her from the town which isolates her from the real world, this makes the “cave” her home.

“A Rose for Emily” exhibits many qualities “The Allegory of the Cave” provides. Emily hides in her house for years to distance herself from the towns people, just like the people in the Allegory hide in the cave. When Emily leaves her house the towns people talk about her as if she was a show and everyone was watching her. As Emily left her home to go grocery shopping the town noticed she was carrying Arsenic, a poison for rats and could eventually kill a person as everyone assumed she was going to kill herself. When the people in the cave left to see the real world they came rushing back to tell the others what its really like outside. Whenever any of the people in the cave were unchained they were forced to stand up suddenly, to turn around, to walk, and to look up toward the light, each time a person would do this, the person would only feel pain and because of the flashing brightness they would be unable to see the people who where once around him.

Freedom is lacked in both these stories they are being enclosed from everyone else. Emily refused to allow anyone into her house, let alone her life. Even her own husband, who she left for dead. The mailman had no way to give her mail to her, and she would send everything and her bills back to the company. The people in the cave started to see things clearer once they exposed themselves to the light, actual beings not just the dim reflections of someone.

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